Friday, June 18, 2010

What do you sew for?

Why do you guys sew? We've spent a bit of time teaching you guys what we do, but haven't had a chance to get to know our readers. I want to hear from you guys!

Who are you? What's your name? Where are you from?

What is it that makes you sew? Is it for the sense of accomplishment, doing something not everyone can do? It is relaxing? Is it work?

What inspires you? What is your general process?

I want some answers, folks!

Since we haven't told you much about us, aside from peeks at our fabrics and learning that I have a girl-crush on Francine, I'll start!

I'm Bree - and I reside in sunny Clearwater, Florida. I live about 2 miles from the beach... jealous? Don't be, I can't keep my hair from frizzing in the humidity, and I've learned that even toddlers sweat. I have an almost-two year old son at home!

Sewing for me has always been about creating something from nothing. I love being able to take a simple piece of fabric and mold it into something beautiful and useful. It's relaxing, and the hum of the machine is the most therapeutic noise in the world. Of course, the jamming of the machine is also the most infuriating noise in the world, so sometimes it's a wash on whether it's work or play!

I am inspired by color. Some quilters look at architecture, nature, geometry found in brickwork, and so on as their inspiration points. I admit that I find patterns from architecture and brickwork, but my primary inspiration is color. I have a jar of over 1000 buttons in my sewing space. I dump them onto my desk from time to time and just play with color combinations. When I find the right combination that just makes me happy in that moment, I base a quilt off the colors. I cannot live without color!

Let's hear about you guys... and coming soon, we'll be hosting our first giveaway, so stay tuned!


Tanyastitches said...

I'd have frizzy hair to live where you are. We visited clearwater beach in 2006, it was wonderful.
My name is Tanya and I live in Wiltshire in the UK.
I mainly cross stitch, but am keen to have a go at quilting. My first quilt I did last year. It wasn't fantastic and I found it more work than pleasure at the time because I didn't really have a clue what I was doing. I like to have someone show me what I need to do, figuring it out myself usually means lots of stress.
Having said that I like the feeling of achieving something that looks good.
I'm going to have another go at quilting very soon.I love nature so my inspiration probably comes from that but I too like colour, and I love the huge variety of fabrics out there.

Bree said...

Tanya, I love that you found us from the UK!

(Am I a total goof to feel like a celebrity for knowing someone from another country? I don't get out much.)

Tanyastitches said...

LOL I think its great the internet lets people from all over the world communicate. I searched through loads of quilting sites trying to find ones that help me, because alot of them only show the finished article. So Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

This comment's coming late, just found you guys, and am very glad. My name's Betsy, I live in Western Alaska. A good friend of mine's daughter had a baby and I decided to make a quilt, mostly out of scraps, with some odds and ends thrown in as well. The quilt itself was very colorful, as I love color, but it was all puckery, since I didn't have a proper walking foot. Anyways, I have since brought a new sewing machine with an array of feet, so, now I'm experimenting, and finding myself becoming very, very, obsessive with fabrics/quilting, etc. It's fun (so far) and one never knows how things will turn out. What inspires me a lot is looking a different quilting blogs such as yours and getting really inspired. Thank you.

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