Friday, July 29, 2011

Where I've been...

up to my elbows in some free motion quilting on my haunted house quilt....

Drinking the Koolaid and joining the Kaleidoscope QA:

And planning madly with the Fabric Donkey for our upcoming Halloween Crafting Event! We're planning a full month of awesome, including tutorials, guest posts, features, giveaways, and specially made coupon codes, starting September 1st! 

I'll be more chatty soon, promise!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Farmer's Been Getting Some Attention!

I decided I'd rather work on constructing instead of de-constructing so I put the Kaleidoscope quilt aside for the night (you know, the one I still need to remove a whole row from?) and worked on my Farmer's Wife blocks.

I've only shown you guys the first two blocks so far (and I'm up to 14!) so get ready for a photo-bomb! And I do apologize that a couple of these are a tad blurry, I was in a bit of a hurry. Sorry!

To refresh your memory, here are blocks 1 and 2

Attic Windows

Autumn Tints

And now for the rest...

Basket-I just need to add the handle!

Basket Weave

Bat Wing

Big Dipper

Birds in the Air




Broken Dishes

Broken Sugar Bowl


Butterfly at the Crossroads

My goal is to go completely scrappy with this quilt and so far I've been able to do that. It's making a huge dent in my scrap bin which I am LOVING.

 I'm trying to refrain from using the same fabric collections in one block because I like the challenge of matching up fabrics on my own and don't get to do that often enough. Unfortunately my LQS's cater to a different type of quilter so I don't get to see fabric in person until I buy it and get it in the mail and matching online can be a bit difficult.

So far I'm really happy with what I have. Basket Weave is a bit bright compared to all of the other blocks but I'm going to leave it be for now. If it sticks out like a sore thumb when I get them all done I may re-do it then.

I also didn't have enough of the patterned brown for Bouquet but I did say I want to use my scraps so I went with a solid brown that I had.

So far I've used only the templates and my scissors with the exception of the couple of pieces that are 2.5", 1.5" and 3.5" square. It's been a challenge, but a fun one. Just look at Buckwheat before I put it together.

Those are a LOT of pieces for one 6.5" block!

Here they are all together so far!

I can't wait to see how it all comes together in the end. I'm told scrap quilts can be a bit of a mess at first but when you keep adding more and more it all comes together quite well. I sure hope so!

My girl isn't feeling good today, time to get back to being a mama. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ah, The Man Cold

The kid has learned the art of the man cold. He has a teensy weensy sore throat that he's majorly milking. It started Sunday night, and he was mostly back to himself last night. But, oh, the second he's in trouble for something? "My mouff hurts mommy!". How do I know he's milking it?
He totally dive-bombed a bowl of chips and salsa from the ever-yummy Moe's last night. Uh huh, how's that salsa on your tonsils? What? Not sick? Ohh....

So, a dramatic little almost-three-year-old has seriously squashed my progress this week, but that's okay!
I realized I never shared the accessories that went with Zach's D9P:

I also made him some basic curtains (which do hang evenly, promise):

and coordinating pillowcases:

So a cute little jungle-themed nursery!

I'm pretty neck-deep in my haunted house quilt. I got some basic quilting done this weekend, and bound it. I'm going back for some fill-in FMQ, so no sneaky-peeks until she's totally done!

Other than that, I've made very little progress on anything, but I did decide to join up with the Kaleidoscope QA at Don't Call Me Betsy. I'm several weeks late starting, but that's okay because I'm reading through all the threads on the Flickr group and learning from everyone else's mistakes!

My fabric choices for the KSQA:

Lola's Posies by Lila Tueller for Riley Blake Designs, along with a medium Caribbean blue solid. I'm quite stoked! This is the first time I've used such a bold solid!

Quickie WIP Wednesday

I know I've been pretty absent lately. I feel bad that the only time you guys see anything from me is on Wednesdays (and not even every one!). It is summer though and the kids are home so my attention is on them these days. All of my "free" time is spent sewing and it's just not leaving much time for blogging unfortunately. I'll get better though, promise!

I'm going to make this a quick one today. Bug has speech therapy on Wednesdays, right smack in the middle of the day, so if I don't get the post done Tuesday night I'm always sent scrambling trying to get it all done. Plus, it's super hot, and who wants to even move when it's so hot?

 I have made some good progress with my projects though, so here we go!

String Quilt

I've gotten them all sewn into 4 patch blocks, it's time to trim. I just got done trimming a TON of Kaleidoscope blocks though and am all trimmed out for the moment. I might take these to Friday night's stitch and bitch and borrow the big shop ruler to get it done. Then I can get them sewn up.

Bee Blocks

I've got one more for the month of July, and I haven't even taken the fabric out of it's package yet. It's an improv block and I'm a bit nervous. 

I have received a few more blocks for mine in the mail though and lookie what Leanne sent back with hers!

She made it for me out of my scraps, isn't it the cutest? The quick picture I took doesn't quite do it justice unfortunately, it's so much more colorful in person!

Farmer's Wife QA

I have made more blocks and have the fabrics picked and templates cut for all of them to catch me up to...last week. I was so gung ho and on a roll, thought I was going to be all caught up last week, then I stopped. Now I have to pick fabrics and cut templates for two more, and actually do them, and I'll be caught up for good. I'm not stressing though, this QA has actually been quite the stress reliever and I'm enjoying taking my time with it. I'll do a separate post on it later. 

Kaleidoscope QA

I'm just about caught up! I have my top put together and need to add a border. I have to remove a row from the bottom first though. I made it 7x8 (84"x96") and thought it would be big enough. But I didn't think about shrinkage. So I wanted to add a border but then it would be really long on the bottom of the bed and not so much on the sides. So I decided I'll remove a row and then add the border and make it 96"x96". I'll just use that extra row in the backing and use the solid I WAS going to use to piece the backing for some pillowcases. Win-Win!

I have to say, I've had a bit of trouble with this pattern. A lot of my points don't line up, and neither do some of the points of the kites. And for once, I'm not stressing over it! I'm going to just let it be and love it anyway :)

Double Wedding Ring QA

I've made a bit of progress here. I've got all my paper arcs cut out and have started piecing them. I'll be behind on this one for sure since I'll also be making this one a queen. 

I'm contemplating hand quilting it, I think the pattern deserves some special attention. 

New Project-For the Love of Solids Swap

Yep, I joined. Big surprise, eh? Here's my inspiration mosaic:

1. Hexagon option 1, 2. Echino Pot Holders ~ Sunday Stash #100, 3. paintbox quilt rainbow, 4. Tokyo Subway Map quilt top finished!, 5. DQS11 Angel Quilt #2, 6. Solids Only Challenge Quilt, 7. Rainbow Quilt, 8. Rainbow scraps pieced, 9. Rainbow Wonky Stars, 10. Scrappy Rainbow Quilt, 11. Baby hexagon quilt, finally finished, 12. RK Challenge - Side 1, 13. 100_4825, 14. Postage Stamp Progress September 8 Rainbow diagonal, 15. Rainbow Jane first three rows, 16. Rainbow-Licious Baby Quilt

Projects on Hold

Ogee Quilt Along-Finally ordered backing fabric! Now I just need that basting spray to get here.
Strawberry Lemonade snowball quilt
Strawberry Lemonade ritzy cracker quilt
Lollipop bento box quilt
Dill Blossoms hexagon quilt

So much for making this a quickie! I'm going to get back to work, just as soon as I clean this mess up

 I'm linking up as always, go check out everybody else's projects!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whoops - WIP Wednesday

I skipped last week. Bad blogger! I just basically forgot to get pictures of everything - I spent all my time sewing, until late in the evenings, and well.. then it was Wednesday and I had no photos!

So this week's a double progress week ;)

On Ogee:
All of my curved blocks are finally pieced, and paired. I still need to create the 4 patch blocks with the curves, resize my center squares, and complete the top... but the curved blocks are progress nonetheless. :)

On M&W D9P:
This one's actually done. I got in this mega fast mode, finished up the blocks, assembled the top, made a fun little pocket to attach (can you see it?!), basted it, quilted it, and bound it... in about two days.

Look! A little doggie poking out of the pocket!

On Swoon:
I promised good photos, and it's been raining a lot lately, but I finally got 'em!

And the back:

I'm so excited to send these two quilts off to their new owners!

Okay, so that's a few finishes, time for an actual WIP, eh?

Haunted House:
I went balls to the wall here and finally basted this sucker. Who wants to guess how much basting spray is on my dining room floor? While I was at it, I snagged a pic of the pieced backing. See the Eerie Alley hearses in the upper left corner of the back? Those are from my grandma. I try to incorporate at least one piece of fabric from her in all of my personal quilts. :)

And while I'm at it, a shot of my basting helper. He's finally learned to just stay on the very outside edge and watch. Could be a result of flailing limbs and odd screeches that came his way every time he tried to step on a quilt in progress.... but I'm not sayin' for sure.

(Why yes, that is a chewed up corner of the baseboard, thanks for noticing! We can thank one of the above's puppy cohorts for that. It wasn't him, though.)

and on the Halloween front, I finished up my table runner! It's reversible - I created Christmas snowball blocks for the reverse and bound in a green that coordinates with both sides - so now I only have to store one runner, but I'm prepped for both holidays! Also, be on the lookout for a bloggy adventure in Halloween crafting soon. I'm pairing up with the Fabric Donkey. We're working on details, but leaning towards some serious crafting fun come September!

I had a few mini projects that occurred this week, too... Including this ugly doll recreation. I've had a smidge of crafting ADD.

Linking up to Lee, as usual!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bustin' my hump on Hump Day (aka WIP Wednesday)

So last week was a bust as far as sewing went. I pushed myself so hard to finish mom's quilt that when it was done so was I. I ended up with nothing to show! I am very happy to report that mom loved her quilt though, which made me very happy :)

This week I've really been on the ball. Signing myself up for three quilt alongs all at once, one of them being a very labor intensive one and the fact that I decided to make two of them queen size quilts instead of lap size, made me really get in the mood for some sewing. 

So here we go with my really long list....

String quilt

All of my blocks are finally pieced. I swore to myself that I would never make another string quilt again after I got done. What a tedious process! I love the results though.

I have some of them sewn into actual 4 patch blocks. I put them away for now because it's a good project to take to the stitch and bitch and I have one on Friday to attend. 

Bee blocks

I actually have 2 out of 3 of my monthly bee blocks done already!

Cassey requested a string block, which made me say Ugh at first. Maybe if I hadn't just got done with all of mine. I really loved playing with her color palette though. 

Marci requested a spiderweb block. These girls are out to torture me with the strings this month! I think I set myself up by complaining about my own string quilt :P I actually enjoyed it though. I've never made one of these before.

After putting these blocks together I have to say, these girls are clever. Why didn't I send my string blocks out for other people to put together? They had the right idea! LOL

Farmer's Wife QA

The poor farmer is feeling somewhat neglected. I've only made the two blocks so far. Other than that it's been just sitting.

I'm itching to do more but wanted to get caught up on the quilt alongs that have a closer deadline and my bee blocks first. 

Kaleidoscope QA

I'm about 1/4 done with piecing my triangles onto my kites. I'm making a queen size for this one because I realized the denim one I was making (that I tried to make for the Naked Bed Challenge and seriously failed with) will be too hot for these summer temps. I'll make this our summer quilt and hopefully finish the denim one in time for winter. 

I should be caught up in time for the next post.

Double Wedding Ring QA

I'm probably going to fall a little behind on this one. I need to print off the templates and am trying to figure out if it will be cheaper to use my own ink and paper or if I should go run copies at the library or Staples. I'm making this one a queen as well and need to print 114 copies of the template (it's paper pieced). I also still need to order my solid so I can cut that.

I do however have my prints cut into 2.5"x3.5" rectangles so I do have something done. 

My own bee blocks

My blocks are starting to trickle in and I am totally loving them!! I haven't done a mosaic for my Christmas Bee blocks because there are only a few posted, but this is what I have of my Little Faces quilt so far. 

 1. 12 Month Bee Block 1 for Julie, 2. 12 Month Bee Block 2 for Julie, 3. Bee - June 2011, 4. 12 month Bee block- Julie, 5. Julie's 2nd block, 6. Julie's little Asian girl, 7. 12 Month Quilting Bee - June Block, 8. Twelve Month Quilting Bee- June Block for Julie, 9. house block for Julie #2, 10. house block for Julie #1, 11. Second block for Julie!, 12. Block for Julie!, 13. 12 month bee block- Julie, 14. 12 month Bee block- Julie

Aren't they the cutest?!

Some of the ladies very graciously offered to make more than one block for me so I am still waiting on a few more. I'm loving what I have so far though.

Any ideas on what I should do to finish this up? I was thinking it needs something between the blocks, but I'm not so sure. I also had an idea of a piano key border. I'm afraid it's going to be really big though, these blocks should finish about 15" (I'm doing a 4x5 layout) so I have to be careful with what I add so that it doesn't get too big. I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a twin size quilt though. 

Projects on Hold

Ogee Quilt Along-I'm still trying to decide what I want to do for the backing. I need to order fabric for it and my budget has been stretched tight this last month.

Strawberry Lemonade snowball quilt
Strawberry Lemonade ritzy cracker quilt
Lollipop bento box quilt
Dill Blossoms hexagon quilt

I vow to finish these, and soon! I'm going to force myself to figure out backings and work them into my budget. If I had the fabric I would probably work on them! Well, and basting spray, better add that to the list too.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced