Monday, July 4, 2011

Easier Basting!

I was over perusing the Fabric Donkey site this weekend, searching for some steals (with my empty wallet), and poked into her Donkey's World section. Y'all know she keeps a regular blog up there, as well as her deals?

So she posted an alternative basting tutorial. Intriguing... anything to save my back and hours of shifting fabrics and poking myself with pins and inhaling chemicals, right?

(image borrowed from Fabric Donkey)

I can't even fully describe it, but it involves boards that mean you can baste a big ol' quilt on a dining room table, a smidge at a time, without having things shift around... I might be in love. I need to find myself some big ol' boards for my Haunted House quilt!

And looking through the tutorial.. you could totally use this method even if you still want to pin or spray baste. She uses thread, but I'll probably still use the spray because I'm relatively hooked.

Go check it out!


Ashley said...

OOHH... I really like this method!My spray did make my needle a little gummy. ;( Just checked out the video tut on youtube. I think I may try this. When I was little I used to watch a friends grandmother quilt. She did it the old know a big wooden frame that took up her livingroom hanging from strings in the ceiling. I remember thinking what in the world is she doing. Now man what I wouldn't do to have that kind of quilt knowledge. Thanks for the tips. I am still very much a quilter in training and love the pointers!

Anonymous said...

This is a great method for basting quilts. I discovered it earlier this spring and have since used it to baste four quilts and am really happy with the results and with how easy it is. Not to mention, easier on the back and knees.

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