Monday, December 6, 2010

Easy Fabric Coasters

Want a cute way to spruce up that coffee table? Maybe bring some color to your dining set?

Fabric coasters are a great way to add color that is easily changed out with the seasons or your whims. These are a super simple beginner project, take a very short amount of time, and a very small amount of fabric!

Inspired by Ashley, at Make It and Love It, my coasters are just a smidge different. I've chosen to use microfiber as the backing instead of another cotton print. I find that the microfiber grips the table better, and hey - it cleans while you move it around! Microfiber isn't cheap or easy to come by, though.

We had a couple old couches that were being pitched to the curb. They were beyond undonatable - believe me. My husband and I adopted this oh-so-cute Austrailan Shepherd puppy who happened to have been neglected and abused. Our poor puppy was absolutely terrified of my husband, and let's just say he ruined those couches. I'll let your imagination fly. No amount of steam cleaning worked. But the couch backs were up against a wall - and he never came near those! So after a good steam cleaning, I salvaged all the material from the back of the couches. I have enough for a hundred coasters!

Ashley's tutorial is awesome for anyone choosing to use a double sided cotton print. If you're using microfiber backing, or something thicker, like fleece or minky, you can skip the batting step.


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