Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Few Completed Projects and a WIP

Hey guys!

I feel bad that I've been making Julie take over all the posting as of late. My most recent deadline for the donation quilts was April 1st, so I've been nose-deep in that. In awesome news, we were able to donate 18 quilts, made in just 13 weeks! I'm quite proud of the outcome of Quilt for the Kids, and thrilled with the support we received.

I'll still be continuing on with Quilt for the Kids, but at a slower pace. I found myself just trying to bust out quilt after quilt after quilt, to get those numbers up where they needed to be, and realized that I was churning out a lot of the same. I want these quilts to be individualized. Also, All Children's Hospital has patients up to the age of 21, and I truly do not want to forget about them. It's a lot easier, and much faster, to churn out 5 NICU quilts than it is to make a nice big throw or twin sized quilt... but I don't want to forget the older kids, either, so this year, I'm slowing down a bit to put more emphasis on the older kids. I'm sure my numbers may not be as high, but that's not what counts, right?

All that blabbing aside, I took a little time to work on some ME projects in the past week. I love quilting, and I love quilting for others, but it's refreshing to make something selfish once in a while.

First up, more of those awesome cathedral windows, this time with Kona Coal and Central Park:

I seriously adore this pattern and these pillows!

Next, a table runner. This started out as a mega FAIL, but it was salvaged with the assistance of a good friend, and I'm very pleased with the results! Again, Central Park. I love this line, and it's perfect for this time of the year!

 Finally, my own WIP. With all the quilts I've been churning out for the hospital in the last year, I came to a sad realization: my own son doesn't even have a quilt from mommy! So I'm changing that, with the aid of Max and Whiskers, and the Ritzy Cracker pattern from Moda Bake Shop!

I hope to be back in the posting saddle sooner. I might have to follow Julie's steps and join a quilt a-long to get my bum in gear. :)


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