Monday, August 22, 2011

String Quilt=Done

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I bet you thought you wouldn't be seeing me for a couple of weeks, huh? Well, thanks to scheduled posting you can't get rid of me that easy! Bwahahahahaha!!! At this point my computer is on a plane, on it's way to sunny Cali. I thought I'd work up a few posts so you wouldn't miss me too much while it was gone ;)

So I totally thought I would NEVER finish this poor quilt.

string quilt

 I first posted about it back in February and it really was slow going. I LOVE string quilts, but just had no idea how tedious they would be to put together! I had to really push through to finish this one up.

string quilt

Well, I finally got it done and basted and then couldn't figure out how I wanted to quilt it. I knew I wanted something to bring out the diagonal design, so I went with echo quilting the white strips. I stitched about 1/2" on either side of them. I'm really happy with the results, and it went pretty quick too.

string quilt

Then a couple of hours one night in front the of the TV got the binding done. But not after having to machine stitch the one side down twice, because somebody *cough Bug cough* thought it would be fun to turn the tension knob on my machine all the way down to 0. I didn't figure that gem out until I stitched the binding on not one, but two quilts. I still have to fix the other one. Thanks Bug, love you hon!

Somehow, somewhere, I messed up my math and didn't have enough binding fabric, so one part of it is made up of leftovers from the backing. Character right?

string quilt

And just a random thought, Are quilters the only artists who abuse their art by hanging it from random places, like trees?

string quilt

LOL, the tree doesn't seem to mind anyway.


Cindy said...

Julie, this is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors, the pattern, the quilting. You must be so proud!

Dara said...

I love these quilts and I have a bin of fabrics dedicated to becoming a string quilt- it's on the list. Very nice results. Way to go.

Lee said...

It's so beautiful! What a great fabric line to use for a string quilt!

Al said...

It's a stunning quilt. I've been too timid to start a string quilt. Maybe someday.

Rebecca said...

I wish I was headed to sunny Cali too! ;) The quilt is beautiful, love the fabric choices and pieced backing.

Lynne said...

It's lovely, Julie.

Nicky said...

Great quilt - love all that red! And the tree looks better for it too! I have just been doing a string quilt too but have a border to add yet, but soon I hope to finish too!

Andrea said...

I love the stay, the colors are nice

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