Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Little Bit of Behind the Scenes Sewing

It seems I'm in full blown gift making mode lately. I have a few things I'm working on that don't make the WIP Wednesday posts just because I'm afraid to show them off for fear of ruining a surprise for the recipient! 

I'm going to do something different and show them off, and then let that recipient be surprised when it shows up on their doorstep :)

First up is a scarf for an awesome friend. This is another "just because" gift to show my appreciation for helping me out with something. I can't really go into details on what she did because then she'll know it's for her! 

I used this tutorial at Bloom with some Valori Wells Wrenly voile, it just felt right for this particular friend.

Isn't it just cute on Mr. Puppy?

Next up is another notebook. This actually went to the person who I made the first one for.

I went searching through her Flickr photostream after making the original one and realized she had a more sophisticated sense of style.

I got a bit worried that she wouldn't like the fishies and put this one together instead.

And I remembered to put elastic on this one to hold it together!

I'm happy to report that she loves it, whew!

I made a lot of progress on the mystery quilt too. Matter of fact, it's done!

I still can't show it off completely though. Remember, it has a name embroidered in the middle of it. I'll be back with more pictures once it's received, promise :)

Don't forget, Bree is a finalist in the Riley Blake Designs contest. Go check her project out and if you like it, vote! (Pssst....hers is called Second Wind)


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