Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Flippin' Brilliant Idea

So, you've heard of Chalk Cloth, no? I did a pillow for my sister's room not too long ago... the stuff is pretty rad.

Well, Fabric Donkey has taken the idea from rad to FLIPPIN' BRILLIANT.
For serious. She's got a kid about the same age as Kid and Bug, and knows that 3 year olds generally have the same attention span as a gnat, so she came up with this awesome activity booklet using chalk cloth and created a pattern... with TWO sizes!
I did the petite size for Kid, so it's easy to stick in my purse, but I think I'm going to make two of the full sized ones for my cousin's kids for Christmas. They're really great - I bet the big size would be fabulous for car trips. We use the petite size in restaurants and short car trips!

Here's the one I did, inside, backside, and front side...

I couldn't find a cool chalk pen like she has in the pattern - my Joann's was all out - so I just kept the pocket seams wide to accommodate regular chalk. Buy the pattern and you'll see what on earth I'm yapping about :)

(fabric is Chalk Cloth, Kona Lime, Get Together (pigs, squirrels, and bears) and some old jeans. Buttons are antler from the husband's stash.

and pattern is available here for only $5! These would be fabulous gifts, or just something to keep your own kid busy!


Sewing Miles of Smiles said...

Thanks for letting me know. I just bought it!


Lynne said...

Chalk cloth sounds like great fun. I wonder if it's available in Australia or whether I'd have to go online for it.

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