Monday, July 16, 2012

Suddenly Feeling a Little Overwhelmed

I got a wild hair to clean out my scrap bin last night, which led to cleaning off my shelves and trying to organize my brain to the point that I actually know what I have in progress or what I want to start on. 

And now I have this

Not pictured are my Farmer's Wife blocks or my double wedding ring pieces. Those are tucked safely away, out of sight out of mind for a bit. Oh, and that dang denim quilt is still locked up in the closet. It will come out when it decides to behave itself. 

Oh yeah, and there's another project up on the design wall.

Now I can't figure out where to start!

I have piles upon piles of STUFF. I have ideas, I have inspiration, I have plans.

Now to find the time....

In other news, I attended an all day sew-a-thon with my Modern Quilt Guild group yesterday, it was tons of fun. I made another Black Apple Doll, and sewed together three more blocks for the Prince Charming quilt, in 7 hours. Can you guess how much talking I did too?

Here's Bug's doll, Silly Willy

Yes, I said Silly Willy. She calls Moose's doll Silly Billy and was calling this one the same. We told her she needed a different name and her daddy suggested Silly Milly. She said Silly Willy. She is such a goofball! She has been asking for a doll ever since I made Half Square Triangle girl for Bree so I took the opportunity to get on it. She said she wanted a pink one. Her reaction when I got home:

"You made a pink one for me!?"

"I love her!"

Total win in my book.


Krista Schneider said...

awesome doll, cute story.
but i wish you could see my sewing room... then you might feel like the most organized person on the planet!

Al said...

I *just* got my fabric under control not counting stuff that's been pulled/cut/set aside for projects. Now I have a pile about as massive as that one of "stuff to do" and it's driving me mad. If you lived closer I'd say we should trade piles or something to have the other prioritize for us. I feel like I'd be better if someone said " this.." instead of me trying to pick every morning.

Heidi Grohs said...

You are totally "all good" for about two hours, mom!

Oh my gosh, I just did that and ended up putting a bookshelf together and making mini bolts. I swear it is just an ongoing process to keep the room clean and organized!

And I agree with Allegory...I do so much better when a deadline is looming or someone shows up at my door and needs it NOW. Me prioritizing? Laughable!

Lynne said...

The best reaction to our handmade gifts!

RobinLovesQuilting said...

I did the same thing about 6 months ago, and also did a double take - Do I really have that many projects in the backlog? Really really? I splurged on those see-thru craft bins you can get at your LQS or at Joanns, and have absolutely loved having them. Now I can "visit" my upcoming projects whenever I want to, which has been very helpful in curbing my new-fabric buying.

Kimberly said...

Cute doll, you got the best reaction from your daughter. That's awesome! I like how you did her hair, with the fabric instead of felt.

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