Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Christmas Catch Up

I have been trying to sit down and write a post about my holiday sewing every day for the past week but just couldn't seem to make it happen. I don't usually make handmade gifts and now I know why I have always stayed away from that in the past. It is SO stressful! What should I make? Will they like it? Can I finish it in time? This year I decided I was going to tackle a tree skirt, stockings, and a quilt. 

I only managed to finish the tree skirt. It sure is pretty though!

tree skirt

The stockings and quilt will just have to wait another year. It got to the point where it was Christmas Eve, the stockings still weren't done, the presents weren't wrapped, I realized I didn't have enough wrapping paper and it was already 10:00pm. I remembered my word of the year and did just that, I breathed. Then I walked away from the sewing machine, ran to my sister's to pick up some paper, wrapped the gifts and then went to bed. And we survived without the handmade stockings, imagine that!

I decided I wanted to have at least one handmade gift for each kid under the tree this year. This of course was decided after I already had the list of things to make, but they suddenly became priority.

For Moose, the dog shaped raggy quilt that I've been wanting to make for him for quite some time now. His sister has a pig shaped one and she won't sleep without it. 

doggy raggy quilt
I used all stash for this, which is quite a feat considering I rarely buy cuddle fabrics unless I need them for a specific project. I also used some his old receiving blankets. I particularly like this part of the ear.

doggy ear

Bug was getting the Fisher Price Servin' Surprises table from mom for Christmas. I added to it with the highchair and baby feeding set. Well, that meant Bug needed a baby to feed! So Silly Willy got a baby sister.

Baby Willy

I think her arms are a little weird and one of her eyes is a bit wonky, but Bug loves her and that's all that counts.

My older two constantly have little things that need to be carried around like spare change, school behavior tokens, beyblades, etc. So they both got some small pouches. Naturally I forgot to pick up some carabiner clips so they can clip them to their belt loops. They still loved them, I'll get clips next time I'm at the store. 

small pouches
And for my step-dad. You all had some really great suggestions for him. Our exchange budget was $50 so some of the suggestions were too expensive unfortunately. Many of you suggested I make him a pouch for a tablet if he had one. He doesn't, but the Idea Pouch by Michelle Patterns was a great option. It's not technically a tablet pouch, but can be used as one. 

idea pouch

I made it gender neutral because my mom DOES have a tablet. I figured if he couldn't use or didn't like it, that she could use it. 

idea pouch

It didn't cost me anything to make because I used all stash so I went ahead and got him a gift card to his favorite motorcycle gear store as well. 

I still have lots more to share. In addition to all of this I also managed a couple of baby quilts and the outside shell of a weekender bag. The kids are calling so I'm off to play some more and get back to work on reclaiming my house. Hope you and yours had a great Christmas!

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Lynne said...

I agree that we sometimes create stress for ourselves unnecessarily and I think you were wise to wrap the presents and go to bed!

I intended to make a tree skirt and table runner. I bought the fabric but that's as far as it got. Never mind, next year....

Leanne said...

Each of those is a wonderful present and all together amount to huge success on the handmade front. I try really hard to stay away from a handmade list and instead some years I just make a bunch of things that go in the present box and are gifted at Christmas, then there is really no pressure.

Liz DandeliondD said...

I love love love your tree skirt. I really wanted to get one made for us this year, but alas I didn't manage it. Yours is so fantastic.
Great pressies too.

Liz DandeliondD said...

I love love love your tree skirt. I really wanted to get one made for us this year, but alas I didn't manage it. Yours is so fantastic.
Great pressies too.

Rebecca said...

The doggy blanket is SO cute!

Dee said...

I like that you put important things on a priority list and were kind to yourself!

Handmade gifts are bestest!

Karen said...

What great gifts. I love the rag dog quilt. I have never seen anything like it. The drawstring bags are awesome.

Cathy said...

love the christmas tree skirt!!!! The dolly is just so sweet!

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Great gifts! Very thoughtful and unique! The doll is super cute...looks very cuddly!

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