Sunday, December 2, 2012

Toasty Toes

Things have been a bit slow in the crafting department lately, I seem to have just completely lost all motivation. Not so great with Christmas fast approaching. Especially considering this is the year I finally decided to actually make that tree skirt I've been wanting to make, plus stockings for the kids AND a quilt.


I did manage a small finish though.

I somehow found myself without a pair of fuzzy slippers and my toes were cold! I happened upon this pattern by Ayumi one day and couldn't stop thinking about it. Eventually I bought it and then gathered supplies and got to work. 

I made a small change in that I added peltex to the bottom of the slippers to give them some structure. I also did a layer of fusible fleece and a layer of batting in them for extra warmth and lined them with fleece instead of linen. 

Sewing the jiffy grip fabric was a chore. The grip is so good that it stuck to the sewing machine. Tissue paper would be your friend in this instance and I will definitely be using it next time I sew with this fabric. The husband and my oldest son have both requested a pair so that will be sooner than I thought it would be!

I'd like to find a way to make the bottom cushier, but for now they'll work. They are far from perfect, but they're warm, that's for sure!

I'm going to attempt a bit of sewing today on those Christmas stockings. Maybe they'll help me find my groove again.

P.S. Tomorrow is Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day. Be sure to come back and enter to win this little stash builder fat quarter bundle!


Lisa said...

Oh so pretty and cozy looking! I like the idea of the flannel inside - my toes need that extra warmth too!

Lynne said...

You did a good job modifying that pattern for your own needs. Have fun making more for your husband and son.

Rosa said...

Wow.You did a great job.They are super cute!

Cathy said...

cute slippers!!!!!!

Tonya Stewart said...

Love the fabrics, which is on my Christmas list! How about a Leather jacket or Best Buy Gift Card for gift ideas.

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