Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little by Little, I'm Getting There!

Do you ever feel like you just suck at life? Like no matter what you do, no matter how great of a day you are having, you just feel miserable overall? I don't know if it's because I've been unproductive on the crafting front or if it's because myself and my two toddlers are sick or a combination of the two (or something else for that matter) but something deep down inside of me just doesn't feel right.

I seem to be carrying on as normal, but there is this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I just can't shake. It's a feeling of dread like something is going to come crashing down on me at any second. Too many balls in the air maybe? I don't know. 

I finally started getting my act together and made some progress on my weekender last night. Here it is, ready to have the lining hand sewn in. I'm pretty sure I'm not doing things 100% according to the pattern, but whatever I am doing is working so I'm flowing with it.

I did make some changes, like everybody else who has made this bag has, I will share those when I finish it up.

I have had a pretty exciting week, starting with the arrival of this bad boy.

My husband and I discussed other ways that I can help contribute to our income. I've been pretty adamant that I want to continue to be a stay at home mom even when these two little ones start school. Plus, our trusty van, that I have been driving for 10 years now, decided not to be so trusty anymore. So now we have a new van payment. That goal to do a craft show is going to have to become a reality, x100. We're supposed to be getting a flea market this Spring, my hope is to be able to set up a table there and start getting customers from that. 

I have been practicing with it, this is the first thing I stitched up...

...which I promptly turned into a pouch.

It has a couple of mistakes and for that I will treasure it. It definitely helped me learn a few of the functions that the machine has!

This also came in this past week.

Know what that means? Those patterns I have been promising are going to be a reality very soon!! I have three in the works my friends, THREE. And one of them uses the Mod Pop templates which means if you have purchased those, you will have another option to use them. Whoo hoo!! 

Also, I am miserably behind on emails. My inbox is in quite a sad state right now, so bear with me while I work on replying to all of your wonderful comments. I do value each and every one that you leave for me, they definitely bring a smile to my face when I read them :)


Lindsey said...

I want EQ7 So badly but we only have macs =(

Jennifer said...

3 new ones?? need some pattern testers -- I tested teh mod pop for you and i'd love to test another! :)

Leanne said...

New toys are great and I am looking forward to your next patterns. I hope you feel better soon.

Karen said...

I hate that dark cloud of dread. It happens to me too but usually when I am so happy and it can't be this good forever, right? But it can and the feeling passes. Hope it does for you :). Soon! I am loving your brother, eq7 plus your plan. I know you will be great!

Heidi Grohs said...

The cloud of dread is hanging here. I think it is more like a drowning feeling! Hope as things come together, it all gets better!!!!!!

Lynne said...

Oh, Julie, I know that feeling, I really do. Maybe not dread but just a general feeling of sadness. You are not alone, there are many of us out there!

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