Sunday, March 31, 2013

Blogger's Block of the Month (Peach Patch Quilts)

Hey y'all! It's been like.. forever since I've blogged. I know, I seriously suck. If someone could give me some Mac lessons... I am sincerely inept at Mac blogging. Photos don't move right and... it's just ugly.

BUT! I agreed to do the block of the month tutorial with Dhia over at Peach Patch Quilts, so this hurdle of mac-ineptitude must be overcome!

So, here's the list of all the other block of the month tutorials. 
There have been quite a few, all 9.5" blocks. You can make one, or all, make yourself a sampler quilt, send a few blocks to Margaret's Hope Chest.. whatever! The tutorials are for your use.

For my block tutorial, I chose to modernize an old favorite, the bear paw quilt block. A traditional bear paw has four smaller blocks, and I'll show you how to do that as well, but this tutorial is for a singular paw - I'm calling it the Lucky Bear Paw quilt block. (Did anyone else have lucky rabbit's feet as a kid?)

For this block, you'll need four squares of fabric. One focal fabric cut at 6.5" square, one coordinating print cut at 5.5" square for the "claws", a background solid cut at 5.5" square, and a background square cut at 3.5".

 From here, you'll pick up your background square and print square measuring at 5.5" square each, and place them right sides together.
Sew around all four sides, leaving NO OPENINGS. (Yes, for real)
Bring this little enclosed sandwich to your cutting table and slice it across both diagonals, in an X shape, as shown.

Open your four new Half-Square Triangle Units. Marvel for a minute, then press them. I like starch, it keeps things nice and square!

Grab your 6.5" square, your 3.5" background square, and your four new HST units and lay out on your table as shown:

Now, sew those top three squares together to form one row, and sew the two HST units on the side together. You'll be left with this:

Lookin' like a block, folks!

Stitch your little side unit of the 2 HSTs to your 6.5" square:

And then stitch that top "row" to your newly created almost-a-block unit

WHOA! yes, it's totally seriously that simple. 
This block can be laid out and used several ways. All in one direction, to emulate a walking bear's path in the snow? Sure!

Oh, or perhaps four together, to create somewhat of a sunburst?

Or you can go with the traditional layout and add some sashing between the blocks for this layout:

Whatever you decide to do, let us know! Post your finished blocks in the Peach Patch Quilts Blogger's Block of the Month Flickr Group!

And now that I've conquered this mac-ineptitude, maybe I shall post a bit more. I've only made like 20 quilts since I saw y'all last!


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