Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quilts on Parade

I was recently honored to participate in a two month long quilt show at the little local art gallery for the local Modern Quilt Guild. 

About a month into the show, they had a little reception for us where I snapped a few pictures to share. 

Upon walking in the door, the first one I noticed was the Prince Charming single wedding ring quilt, hanging over the main walk through.

The rest of it is folded onto the other side. They said they got lots of compliments on that one, which made me giddy to hear!

Poor Mod Pop was in the back, banished into a corner. My poor baby :( (Insert obligatory "Nobody puts baby in a corner" joke here).

Cosmic Burst was back there keeping it company though.

I just realized that there was an entire wall of quilts that I missed getting a picture of! They were so lovely too, I can picture them in my head, so bright and colorful.

On the same day as the reception, the other guild in town hosted it's annual quilt show and I attended with Rhonda, the owner of my LQS Tabby Fabric and Studio, to help in her booth. She actually invited me to come sit and sell some patterns, which I thought was incredibly sweet.

I took a quick little break and walked around the show to see the quilts of course, and there were some real beauties! These were just a few that stood out to me.

This one you may have noticed in one of the above pictures, it made the rounds that day!

I just loved how bright this one is.

This particular one really caught my attention. So bold and graphic and such fun piecing! 

This one was awesome, so awesome. I love when people think outside the box and put random shapes and colors together to create something so beautiful. 

Not a bad way to spend the day my friends, not bad at all.


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