Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tortoiseshell Quilt Along

Huh you say? Tortoiseshell?

Why yes Ma'am! (or Sir, if any of you are following along :p)

Well, sort of Tortoiseshell. I was sitting with my daughter, whom we lovingly refer to as Bug, and watching PBS one day, when a picture of a tortoise (turtle? Potato, Po-tah-to) came on the screen. I thought to myself "Wouldn't that be a cool quilt?"

So I sat down and started drawing.

And this is what I came up with

Now, it's not quite what I had in my head when I started drawing but I was having a really hard time translating that into a pattern. Then I did it later, just came to me in my sleep one night.

But we're going to do this one.

Why you ask? Because it takes a lot less print fabrics
and I kind of like that pop of the solid squares in there, don't you?

So, here's what you'll need to get started. I'm going to start with the basics for now, and we might need to pick up some more stuff later. I'll explain why.

And I apologize for my lack of pictures because, well, I haven't settled on a fabric yet myself. I will soon though, promise!

The Requirements

Ok, I'm not going to be as detailed this time around as I was the last time. If you don't know what you need as far as tools and equipment goes to make a quilt, then check out the first post of our first quilt along.

For this quilt you will need:

1 layer cake
at least 9 fat quarters
of print fabrics.

At least 3/4 yard of a coordinating solid

And that's it to get started! Ok, now I'm going to give you some options because they involve fabric choices and the finished size of the quilt.

Finished size, as is, is approximately 48x48. Now that's not a huge quilt, right?

I'm planning on using a layer cake on mine, and adding a couple of borders, so I'm going to use more solid fabric and scraps from my layer cake.

If you want to add more blocks to yours you will need more prints. One layer cake square will yield one block (each diamond shape is a block). Each fat quarter will yield five blocks. So factor that in if adding to it.

In your decision about whether or not you want a layer cake or fat quarters, keep in mind how many blocks you will get from your fabrics. There are 42 blocks in the quilt, and a layer cake has 42 squares, so you will use every square with no repeats. If you use fat quarters there will be repeats.

I am planning on showing how to cut both the layer cake and the fat quarter, but I will not include in the tutorial anything other than what is in that picture just to keep things simple. If you are planning on adding to it and need help with math, layout, whatever, feel free to ask in the discussion group. We are always available to help. 

As far as backing and binding goes, it will depend on the the finished product. As is, you will need 1/2 yard for binding and 3 yards total for the backing.

That's it for now! I plan on having my fabric by next week and will get started on the first post. So look for it in the next 2-3 weeks depending on how much time the kiddies will give me!

One more thing before I go...

We have moved the discussion group away from Babycenter.

Why you ask?

Not because we hate Babycenter, oh no, we LOVE Babycenter. Without them there would be no Distant Pickles because Bree and I would never have met!

We've moved it over to Flickr because then MORE people can join in with us! And it's a bit more user friendly when it comes to the pictures.

So, come on over!

Distant Pickles Flickr Group


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