Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine's Decor

When I was a kid, my mom decked the house out for every single holiday. We had decorations for everything! I know, I know, commericalism and all that jazz... but I love it. I absolutely love getting caught up in fun decor, cute projects, fun themed foods... it's great!

So with Valentine's Day approaching, I thought I needed to bust out some decor. Some Internet searches proved... well... covered in icky hearts. Maybe I'm not traditional enough? I still love the fluff and red and pink and glitz and such, but c'mon, who wants hearts covering every square inch of their house? Not this chick!

I'm very much "in progress", but some of my fun so far has included sun catchers, a table runner with a bit of skull and crossbones for my husband (so he doesn't feel like the pepto-bismol pink puked all over him), and a fun, broken hearted throw pillow!

You can interpret the back of the throw pillow how you'd like. Yes, that's an m&m. We could call it purposeful - chocolate is common on V-day, no? Or perhaps an ode to the single and broken hearted, who may very well spend V-day with chocolate and a chick flick? (Hey, I've done it!)

Or we could just call it the truth and say my 2-year-old hated his m&m Halloween costume, never wore it, and it's all the red fabric I had in the house.

Any other Valentine's decor ideas out there? Help me out!


JuliePickles said...

Lol at the re-purposed Halloween costume! Love it Bree!

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