Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Superbly Bionic Heart of Steel and Epic Proportions!

The title alone should tell you I'm quite miserable at all things scientific, eh? Math's my thing.

Thank you all for the prayers for my grandmother.

From my medically-savvy Aunt: "They replaced the aortic arch and the descending aorta. " In layman's terms... she's got herself some bionic parts. Perfect, if you ask me. Normal human parts can't stand up to a woman like her. New parts mean she's going to last longer and be stronger and do more with those new parts than a normal person could do with their whole heart.

Continued prayers are certainly welcome - they're watching her blood pressure and praying against any sort of recovery complications such as stroke. My mother's gone up to be with her for an undetermined amount of time - she'll be in the hospital for around a week and she'll need a lot of help when she gets home. Keep sending good thoughts her way.

Ogee is travelling up with my dad in another week or so - he'll be driving up with my sister. It's supposed to be a Christmas gift, but with her being laid up, I think she could use the perk-up. The plan is still for us to go home for Christmas - I fear that Kid being around while she's recovering from open-heart surgery might just be a bit too much, so we'll keep him and his endless supply of energy down here until Christmas.



Lynne said...

Sounds like good news so far although I realise that she is not completely out of the woods yet! I love the fact that Ogee is going pre-Christmas and that you will follow in a few weeks. Prayers continuing at this end!

Pieces to Love said...

Wonderful news! Having worked at one time for a group of heart surgeons, I do know that a common side effect from surgery like that is depression. Mainly because there isn't a whole lot they can do while they recover, so sending Ogee a few weeks early is a great idea. Now get some finger paints (the washable kind) and have Kid make a picture and put his hand prints on there as a signature. Grandma will love it.

Ashley said...

awesome news! We will keep her and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear things went well.

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