Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday-Pay it Forward and Farmer's Wife Edition

I haven't been as productive this week, just some Farmer's Wife progress really. I am working on a commissioned project that I'll be sharing later this week when I get it done. Since my knee is feeling better I've gotten back into running and working out and am very happy about that, it just means a little bit less sewing time. 

This week I will begin week 4 of the C25K program. I ran in the rain for the first time on Monday and it was pretty awesome! It was very refreshing and cleansing, I wouldn't mind doing it more often. My husband met me at the door with a towel when I got back, he's so sweet. Then he patted my backside and joked that I was dry back there so I must have been moving foward, LOL. Ok, maybe he's not as sweet as I thought :P

In Progress...

12 Month Bee Blocks

I've received the fabric for October's block and LOVE the colors! I haven't gotten around to them yet though.

Farmer's Wife Quilt Along 

I was able to make lots of progress on the Farmer's Wife QA last week. I did manage to sew together the 18 blocks that I had cut out and am now officially 1 month ahead of the quilt along schedule, yay!

Here they are all together now, all 44 of them.

Click here to get to my Flickr photostream if you'd like to see the blocks individually.

I'm still only using scraps and keeping to the templates. And yes, the baskets still need handles. I think I'm sensing a pattern here. I was a bit worried in the very beginning that the scrappy look wasn't going to go well, but now that I'm almost to the halfway point I think it's looking good!

There are a few noteworthy ones I want to show off.

This one right here has 64 individual pieces to it. Sixty Four!!

Here it is laid out before putting it together

Next to a finished block so you can see how small it would get when put together!

I timed myself putting it together, it took 52 minutes. Wowza. It was fun though! I love that these blocks are like putting together little puzzles.

This one is the one where I tackled the Y seam. I totally made it know what ;)

I was so confused putting it together at first. Once I realized it was a Y seam I had a total "Duh" moment, LOL

This one had an angled seam. See it between the pink petal and the yellow one? That one took me a minute to figure out too. The blocks have all been so easy up to this point, I guess I just got thrown for a loop.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

No progress again this week. No biggie :)

On Hold...

Christmas Quilt from Christmas Bee
Little Faces Quilt from 12 Month Bee
Denim Winter Quilt-This one's up next, it's getting cold!

Now for the Pay it Forward gifts!

These are for my friend Ginnie. It was a little hard to figure out what to make for her. She's very earth friendly and not one to have stuff just to have stuff. So I wanted to make her something that would be useful to her. I remembered one time that she mentioned wanting some reusable shopping bags that she could actually wash so I ran with that.

I whipped these up using the Bijou Lovely Market Tote tutorial.

They were fun and easy to make. It was a nice change to be able to just whip something up in an afternoon too. They are really big and she should be able to fit lots of groceries in them. I'm thinking I need to make a few for myself too!

Linking it up!

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Val said...

I think the scrappy look for that quilt is honestly too perfect, matchy matchy could drive you crazy but the randomness of yours makes it alive and so cozy :)

Lee said...

Your Farmer's Wife blocks are looking sooooo beautiful together! Love the scrappiness. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

Melinda said...

Love your FW blocks Julie! It's amazine how far you've come with it!

Kerstin said...

The FW blocks look great, I think such a puzzle would puzzle me too much...

Jenelle said...

It's amazing to see all the color and variety in the Farmer's Wife Quit. Love it!

Marci Girl said...

Oh everything is so beautiful and I am so glad you took a picture of that one block before you sewed it together. It makes us appreciate how many tiny pieces it really is!

Marg said...

Your FW blocks are beautiful. I like that you took a before and after pick of that block, it really shows how much work is in it.

Heidi Grohs said...

I missed the new update?!?!?

LOVE The header and the new look!

As for the quilt..64 pieces?!?! Yowza is an understatement!!!

Cassie said...

I love love love your FW blocks! It is looking so good! And I think I need to make a few of those bags...

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