Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not Much Shakin' on Wednesday

I've been slacking off lately, in more ways than one. I churned out those gifts and a few other small things and then hit a wall. Then I threw out my back and couldn't move, got better for a few days, then threw it out again. I say threw it out, I'm sure it wasn't that bad, but it did put me out of commission for a few days each time. Sewing, running, cleaning, you name it, it's been ignored. I did get a little pep in my step these past couple of days though and am working on tackling things one day at a time. 

So here's my pitiful list...

Ongoing projects....

12 Month Bee Blocks

None to do...we're taking a break for December!

Farmer's Wife Quilt Along 

Second verse, same as the first. 

Denim Winter Quilt

Cut up some more jeans, need to cut squares and get back to work.

Little Faces Quilt

I ordered binding, that's progress, right?

Commissioned T-shirt Quilt

This has been pieced, sent off to the longarm, received back from the longarm, and is now awaiting binding. It's big and bulky and a lot to maneuver so I'm going to wait until it's done to show off.

New projects...
Quilt Challenge of the Month
with Raccoon Creek Quilts

This is the second month I've participated in Candi's Challenges. October's challenge was to finish a UFO. My goal was to finish the denim quilt, that obviously didn't happen.

This month we were to create a quilt block, any quilt block that we could come up with. The only stipulation was that it be 12.5" (12" finished).

Here's mine!

It's kind of loud and funky but I dig it. I do wish I had used something else besides the stripes though. I think if I make this one again I'll use the fabrics that I used for the diamond shape (the white one and the red one) in place of the stripes. I'll alternate them so the white one will be facing where the red points out and vice versa. 

Candi says this month's challenge will be part 1 of a 3 part challenge. I'm anxious to see what she has in store for us for December!

On Hold...

Christmas Quilt from Christmas Bee
Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

As pitiful as it is, I'm still linking it up! Happy WIP Wednesday!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Leanne said...

Your block is lovely, I think a whole quilt of diamonds and squares would be great fun. It is not really slacking off to take care of yourself and have a break when needed!

Quilt Genius said...

I love your funky block and I think the quilt that I can see a snippet of is going to be coveted by me for quite some time...


Lee said...

That challenge block is fab! Loud, yes, but I love it. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

Dee said...

Wow! So much fun going on here in the fabrics and colors! Just bursting with creativity!

Can't wait to see the quilt with its binding!

Marsha Cooper said...

I'm trying to figure out sizes to cut to do the triangles....the smart thing for me to do is get down my quilt books and look!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Your block came out great! And I love the movement that the stripe adds!

Evelene S said...

Oh that is a cute block! Please give yourself time to heal we understand that life happens to you bloggers just like us. Take it easy, it is the holidays and you don't need added stress.

Tanya said...

I like how everything has an opposite in your block. The orange with the leaf, the yellow and the green...even the corners feature the opposite pairs. Very nice :)

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