Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Blogger's Choice Bundle

Okay, you knew I couldn't just let Julie have all the fun with this contest over at Quokka Quilts, right?

Despite the fact that Julie's bundle is sheer genius - unexpected colors in a brilliant combination I've never really seen before - well, I don't stack up, but I'm giving it a go anyway!

And can I tell you? This wasn't easy! I spent a whole bunch of time today working on this, ran through three different color schemes, and finally settled on one that reminds me of home. Home, of course, being Maine.

But probably not the Maine you think of. Not the fall colors - not the coastal colors - not the winter scheme.

This field by my childhood house. This field of golden wheat that swayed in the brief summer sunshine. The golden yellows, the deep earth beneath, and the endless blue sky. It never lasted too long, but the summers back home were just perfect.

My take on the summer field in fabric, unsurprisingly, involves a whole lot of Riley Blake prints!

I really do love this bundle. It just makes me smile. Evokes a bit of sunflower/country kitchen feeling, too, I suppose.

I'm linking it up, and even if I don't win (seriously, stiff competition!), I might just have to move my birthday up and tell the husband I need this bundle!


Melissa said...

I love this bundle- especially the yellow floral:) Yummy!

Unknown said...

Love your colours...isn't it a great comp

@pril said...

Okay, your blog name...........How freakin' cute! And the 2 Love Pickles! Even cuter! How on earth did you come up with that name? Love your bundle.

I'm your newest follower via GFC & RSS feed.

@pril said...

Nice mix! I always love yellow and brown... so warm ; )

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