Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Think I Might Be Obsessed With Tula

As I look around the room, I see her everywhere. Well, not HER, but you know what I mean. 

Between the quilt on the design wall

Prince Charming quilt top

The one hanging on the wall

Neptune wall hanging

the secret gifts I'm working on...

What is going on here?
What the heck is this? Any guesses?
...that I can't show you the completed versions of just yet

and the two purses hanging out on the sewing table, waiting for me to transfer the contents from one to the other

I think I might be obsessed.

We won't mention the piles of her fabrics on the shelves that I haven't even touched yet. And these aren't even all of the projects I've made with her stuff! Just off the top of my head and I can think of three other quilts. 

Yeah, I just might be a fangirl.

The point of today's post was actually to show off my new bag. I finished it late Tuesday night and am IN LOVE!

The Scoop Tote by Green Bee Patterns

I loved the Mabel Bag that I originally made but it was still just lacking a few things that I needed in a bag. The Scoop Tote almost fit the bill. I really loved it's design and figured I could add to it the few things that I was missing.

So, with The Bag Making Bible in hand, I set to work.

I needed more pockets

The Scoop Tote by Green Bee Patterns

and a zipper to close it

The Scoop Tote by Green Bee Patterns

I swapped the inside pocket for a zippered one so I could hide stuff from the kids

The Scoop Tote by Green Bee Patterns

Who am I kidding? You can't hide anything from them.

I wish I had measured the outside pockets and my phone before sewing it together. The phone is a really tight fit and doesn't come out easily. I would have adjusted the size of the pattern to accommodate it. Oh well. I'm sure these pockets will still come in handy!

The Scoop Tote by Green Bee Patterns

This was a great pattern, really easy to follow, and produced a great looking bag. I did add fusible fleece to it to make it a bit heavier. The pattern only calls for Decor Bond. I also added a piece of peltex in the bottom to help it keep it's shape. I'm not great at figuring out what fusibles to use, but I know this was the combination I used in the Amy Butler Sweet Harmony bag and I really liked how it kept it's shape. 

I did have a few issues with the additions I made because of the pleats in the bag, but I think I overcame them pretty well. It was hard to pleat the fabric with the fleece attached to it. And the pockets on the outside stick out a little bit further than I'd like. I'm not sure if it's because the pleats caused the shape of the bag to change to where the pockets were harder to match up, or because the bag is so wide that the pockets need to be taller. I think they'll work out just fine though and I can always put a tack in the middle or something to hold them closer to the bag. We'll play it by ear I think. 

This bag and that Prince Charming quilt up at the top of the post are TWO of my Just Three goals for August! Bonus!!


Heidi Grohs said...

Super, duper cute.

Keys and pens can go in the small do I know..happened to me on one of my last projects too...

And you are slowly making me fall in love with TULA. Don't sleep with your eyes closed....I might rob you.

Alexia said...

Your scoop tote is awesome! Love the custom mods you made to the pattern!
Happy Sewing

Mermaid Sews said...

OMG, two of my favorite things, MM and TUla pink, nice job.

Jessica Kelly said...

This looks great Julie! Love all the Tula, I'm also a HUGE fan! That bag is just adorable!

Leanne said...

No one would ever notice that you liked Tula. Great bag, I love all the zips. I especially love your quilt.

Lynne said...

Yes, I think you might be obsessed! The bag looks great but my favourite is the diamond quilt.

Lisa said...

I also love Tula's designs! Could fill the house up! Love your quilt and your bag is awesome!

Ella said...

As always, your Tula work is fabulousness!

Kelsey said...

So much awesomeness!!! I am in LOVE with that bag!

Kimberly said...

You have been uber productive! Awesome.
I think I totally know what that secret gift is. I have made 2 before. Are you making it from the AMH pattern or a different one? Did you have problems lining up your inside tube and the outside? I did!

Amira@littlemushroomcap said...

That is alovely bag!!!!

Debbie said...

Love your blocks on the wall that were your highest viewed, but also really love your mabel bag - just beautiful and so nicely done!

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