Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Owe You Guys a Post!

I've gotten some comments on both the box bag I made using Aneela's tutorial, asking what changes I made to it, and also on my finished fabric basket, wanting to see the finished product. I've been meaning to post them and just can't seem to get the words out or something. And you know me, when am I ever at a loss for words? 

So, while the kids and the husband are all sleeping, I'm taking a moment to put my thoughts together and get this posted!

For the box bag, I followed Aneela's instructions exactly when it came to construction. They were very well written and didn't leave me asking any questions whatsoever.

box bag made from Aneela Hoey's tutorial

The difference in hers and mine was in the interfacing. I really wanted this to be stiff and to keep it's shape well, no matter what I put in it. So in lieu of the medium weight interfacing she calls for, I substituted peltex. Except it would have been a nightmare to sew with it in place, so I didn't. 

I sewed the bag together without anything in it at all. Then I left a bigger opening in steps 26 and 33 of her tutorial than the directions call for. 

I cut 2 pieces of peltex out in the shape of the oval, one for the top and one for the bottom. You can trace the pattern piece and then trim some of it off the edges, all the way around, so it will fit inside the seam allowance.

I slipped the peltex into the openings I left and then hand stitched them closed from there.

As for the sides of the bag, I completely forgot to take a picture so I'm going to tell you and hope you can picture what I did! 

In step 9 of the tutorial, Aneela has you sew the short ends of each strip for the sides of the bag together. For the lining piece, I only stitched about a 1/2 inch from each edge and left the middle of the short edge open. Then I continued to make the bag as per the rest of the instructions. When it was sewn together, the lining left an opening so that I could insert the peltex through it and have it sandwich in between the two fabrics.

Cut a strip of peltex about a half inch narrower than the strip of her pattern piece. I cut mine a tad bit longer than the pattern piece and then trimmed it down to size after I got it inserted into the bag.

Slip it into that opening in the lining and slide it through, all the way around the bag. If you have trouble you can cut it a bit narrower to ease it through. Also, had I thought of this before I got it halfway through the bag I would have done it. Clip the corners of the edge that you're inserting and trying to put through, so that it's tapered. That will keep the edges from catching on your seams and should make it easier to feed.

Once I got the peltex pieces in I hand stitched the openings closed and it was done!  

If you have any questions and need some guidance, just ask. I do plan on making at least one more of these in the future, I can always take some better pictures explaining it :)

Oh, and because a friend asked, I took a picture of it next to my pouch and with some items for size comparison. 

Here it is next to that pouch I received in the swap.

You can see how much my pouch can hold. It can also fit a 6" embroidery hoop perfectly within it's walls.

I took some of the items out of the big pouch and put them in the smaller one.

It's quite a difference but the little one still holds quite a lot! Also notice how well the walls are standing up with that peltex in them.

Now, for the fabric bowl!

I totally love this thing you guys. It is just perfect. It's already all set up, catching fabric scraps for me.

It was incredibly addictive to make and I can see many more of these in my future. I would have liked this one to be just a tad bit bigger, but I ran out of cording and I wanted to finish it so badly! I bet I can add to it later if I'm careful about it.

I want to end this post with a quick little note. You guys have been leaving such lovely comments for me, and I know I haven't responded to all of them lately and for that I'm sorry. I work my way through my inbox, little by little, and sometimes get a bit overwhelmed and just walk away for a bit. Plus, my husband has been working extra extra hours the past couple of months, which means I'm pulling his load at home and some of my responsibilities are falling to the wayside. I just wanted to say that I don't mean to, and will not completely, ignore your kind words. I'll dig them all out of the inbox eventually! I do read them as they come in and respond to the ones that have questions as soon as a I can, so don't fret that you won't hear back if you do have a question for me.

I have been getting some sewing in when I can and have some more fun stuff to share. Oh, and Blogger's Quilt Festival starts Friday, so we'll both be back then with more! We'll see you then!


Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Thanks for the Peltex idea - I'm going to look that up online and see who sels it here in the UK.

Rosa said...

They are absolutely,love!!

estetik said...

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UmmaThreads~ Crafty Squirrel said...

Do you have any idea what pattern your swap pattern used to make her bag, I love the shape and size. I'd like to give the pattern she used a try.

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