Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Anniversary Gift

I know I promised a post on this yesterday, but the day got a bit out of hand. Sorry 'bout that!

Today looks to be just as busy but since I'm sitting here chatting with the Talkin' Tuesday group on Twitter, I thought I could take a moment to type this up too!

The gift was well received! Well, I think so anyway, he's not very excitable. I think that's why I am, I have to make up for him ;)

Lovin', Is What I Got

The quotes are from our song "What I Got" by Sublime. It's not your conventional love song, but that's ok. It's still ours.

I Said Remember That

I branched out and tried something new with the quilting. I knew I wanted something dense, and to not quilt the letters so they would stand out. Bree suggested sharp stippling, from the Free Motion Quilting Project. I aimed for it when I started but something else came out!

Closeup of the quilting

I really love how it makes the letters look gothic on the back.

Back of the minis

I quilted a little hidden gem into it. I totally pointed it out though, he would have never seen it on his own and I would have been driven mad waiting for him to!

A little hidden gem in the quilting.

These will hang in our living room when we finally paint it. I've only been saying that for how many months now? Soon! And I'll get better, non-shadowy pictures too!

I made this in conjuction with the Proverbial Quilt Along with Poppyprint. You should check out the Flickr group, there is some good stuff happening there!


Poppyprint said...

Lovely to have you play along in the Proverbial Quiltalong Julie. I love your wallhangings. You're right, the letters look super cool from the back and your 'hidden' gem is superb. Happy 12 Anniversary!!

Leanne said...

These are wonderful and such a nice anniversary present. You could hang them before you paint and then again after or maybe they will be incentive to do the painting?

Heidi Grohs said...

I adore them Julie!! They are so awesome!!!!!

The secret quilting is perfect and I really DO like the look it gives it!!

Sara said...

I love the quilting on this!!! It is going to be gorgeous in your living room when it is all painted up! BTW, I have to paint mine too;)

Heather D. said...

Looks FANTASTIC! I love how you put your names and date in the quilting.

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