Thursday, February 28, 2013

Have Bag, Will Travel

She's done! Well, sort of.

I finally got the lining all sewn in, but I made a small boo boo. Remember the part where I said I wasn't following the directions exactly?

Yeah, I didn't see the part where I was supposed to tack the seams of the lining to the seams of the outer shell before I stitched the lining in. See how they're not tucked into the corners?

I may possibly go back in later and fix it, but it's the lining so I'm not too concerned with it's imperfections.

I used the quilt as you go method for mine too of course.

I've been wanting to make this bag for a couple of years now, but the thought of the cost of all of that interfacing, not to mention actually having to sew it all together, really scared me.

Once I saw it done this way I was gung ho about getting it done in time for my weekend retreat next month.

I did make the straps longer like so many others and it's a perfect fit over my shoulder. I think I cut them at 54" long and 5" wide. 

I used duck cloth for the interfacing, batting, and both Melody Miller and Echino prints for the outer to make sure it had plenty of strength.

For some reason I had a bit of trouble figuring out the zipper. Plus, I didn't stitch as close to the zipper as the instructions called for because I wanted to be able to see more of that beautiful coral color. 

It ended up making my bag bow a little bit in some weird places though :(

I have lots of fun little surprises in the pockets.

Laura Gunn in the main pocket

Tula in the side pockets (you didn't really think I would make a bag and not include some Tula in it somewhere, did you?)

And some Laurie Wisbrun in the inner pocket.

I say it's not technically done because it needs a false bottom. It's done enough to use though so I'm considering it a finish. I'm pondering the false bottom for a bit because I want something sturdy, but I don't think I want the feet or anything like that. I wanted it in the beginning, but I hardly ever travel and it just won't get so much use as to justify doing all that to it. I think I'll have the hubs cut me a piece of acrylic instead, strictly for structure and support. 

I finished this one just in time too. My Grandpa's memorial service is in a couple of weeks in Phoenix. I'll be spending a long weekend attending that and I'm not a huge fan of checked luggage. It's the absolute perfect size to both hold everything I need, and to use for a carry-on. I'm excited to test it out!

This is my finish for February for the 2013 Lovely Year of Finishes. 


Katie said...

what a beauty Juile

Lorna McMahon said...

Love it Julie! Especially all the little fav fabrics tucked in the pockets. Happy for you!

beaquilter said...

that bag is AWESOME!! You're the one with the typewriter dress!! I bought that pattern, still have to make it though, but with now a nursing baby, she needs easy access so it'll have to wait, but maybe this summer!!

felicity said...

It's gorgeous, Julie! You're SO going to enjoy toting it around.

Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts said...

What a great finish! It looks like you're a pro!

Oh I love the pockets :)

Thanks for linking up.

Mara said...

I'm loving the secret surprises, those little things make it a wonderful project.

Rosa said...

Another eye candy.Great bag!

Lisa said...

It is pure eye candy! Where can I get a pattern?

Heidi Grohs said...

Loooks soooo good!

Poppyprint said...

Amazing Weekender! I did the same thing with my lining and it was such a lot of work that I can't face going back in for more handstitching, either! I love the combinations of fabric you used Julie.

Unknown said...

I love it!! Looks complicated but you've pulled it off - wonderful

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure we're meant to be besties, I made my weekender out of melody miller too :p - sewwhatsherlock

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