Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MMHF - My Most Hoarded Fabric

Y'all have this problem, right? Fabric that is just SO PRECIOUS, SO hard to find that you can't bear to cut up what you have?

A couple years ago, dear sweet Julie Pickles found a poplin Munki Munki sleeve of Heather Ross's Fish in Bags and sent it ot me. Because she's amazing. I've used three of the fish, fussy cut, but have been terribly scared to use the rest of the sleeve! The poplin is soft and smooth, and it's nearly impossible to find the original yardage.

So I've been drooling over this fabric and petting it endlessly for oh, two years. I finally bit the bullet and bought a set of munki munki pjs so I could have some more, which, of course, enabled me to use a bit more of what I already have, and I made myself a perfect little clutch!!! I adore it. Julie's bag making is rubbing off on me, I keep making myself clutches and bags lately.

And how adorable are these fish with the DS quilts prints from Joann's??


Of course, now that it's done, I'm just going to keep petting what I have left. I'm sure I won't use any more until I buy more. It's a sickness, I think. (A sickness you can share, if you want - I put some of the pj parts in my etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleShopOfHorace) to help recoup the cost).

I've actually been sewing a lot lately... working on a new pattern, using Riley Blake's Neon fabrics. That's coming in the next few weeks! I also have been testing Julie's patterns, including a new one she's hoping to release soon too :)


anyadahab said...

I had a realization last night that if I didn't start using the fabrics from my stash that I have been saving, they will never been used. I know that is self-evident, but it was a real revelation. So I am going to start using lots of it. Also it makes me feel less guilty about buying new fun fabrics!

I love the clutch. It is truly adorable.

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Gorgeous and well done!! Can you ship to Canada or the UK? I see it is only USA. Pleeeeeease :)

Nikita said...

Gorgeous clutch and I have the same problem with chicopee from Denyse Schmidt.....I have hoarded Quite a bit and can't cut into any of it.

Molli Sparkles said...

Oh cut that shit up and use it!

Karen said...

I have that sickness - with Laurie Wisbrun prints! still sitting there in a neat pile! The clutch is gorgeous! Well done for cutting into it! :o)

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