Friday, August 23, 2013

A Backpack for Bug

My sweet girl started school this week, she is in the Pre-K program. Naturally she needed a Mama Made backpack!

A few months back she accompanied me to the LQS when I needed to pick up some fabric for a project. Every now and then she gets an idea in her head that she needs some fabric too, and I like to oblige her when I can. This particular time she picked out a gorgeous floral from Kate Spain's Honey Honey, and I grabbed a coordinating solid with thoughts of making her a skirt with the fabrics. 

Well, the skirt didn't happen. When it came time to make the backpack I immediately thought of those fabrics and set to work.

IMG_5571 (Copy)

She had quite a bit of other input as well. She wanted yellow fabric too and, thanks to a mistake in ordering one day, I happened to have 4 yards of a yellow solid sitting on my shelf. Naturally I didn't take a picture of the inside, but the yellow became the lining.

IMG_5570 (Copy)

She picked the font for her name, and the colors for the birds and flowers and leaves in the embroidery design.

I used Angela's tutorial from the Sliced competition on Moda Bake Shop for the backpack, with some minor changes. If I do it again, I will change the position of the straps, as it sits a little awkwardly on her back since they come out of the back instead of out of the top. 

IMG_5569 (Copy)

I am happy to say that she loves the backpack! I didn't take into account the rounded corners when I was checking to make sure it would fit a standard folder though and the corners stick out.

I showed it to her and asked her if she could zip it and she said "Sure! I just do this, and then do this, and then zip it and TADA!" She just pushed those corners in and acted like it was no big deal at all. Which was a huge relief because I was prepared to start all over!

IMG_1207 (Copy)

While on the subject of bags, I managed to finish the hip pouch that I have been promising to make my niece since March. I put this one together from scratch, just using the ol' noggin'. It is based on the one she currently uses, with some small changes that she requested.

IMG_5577 (Copy)

It was made using Riley Blake's new neons, boy are they bright! They're perfectly Shaley though and I'm sure she'll love them!

IMG_5582 (Copy)

This is the pouch that I mentioned writing a possible tutorial for, so give me a shout if you're interested. This is also one of my Finish-A-Long items! One down, many more to go!


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Vikki B said...

The backpack is adorable! Great job. The hip pouch is cute too, I love the neons.

Celtic Thistle said...

Great bags, looks like you have hit the nail on the head for both of them!

Anonymous said...

Not to put a negative note on your beautiful backpack, but is it safe to put a child's name on it? I've read it isn't.

JuliePickles said...

Hi Evie! Totally valid concern! I thought about it long and hard before I did it because of the fear of a stranger seeing her and being able to know her first name. She is never going to be out of sight of either myself or a teacher though because of her age. It is a policy that children of certain grade levels are kept under supervision. Even when she rides the school bus she is not allowed on or off of it unless myself or a teacher are standing right there to put her on or take her off. Once she reaches a grade that this policy no longer applies, she will need a larger backpack and I will either make another one or buy her one, and her initials will be the most that are put on it. One of the other reasons I went ahead with the full name was because with first time students, and students her age, things are incredibly confusing enough and it helps the teacher for all belongings to be properly labeled. Thank you so much for your concern!

Lorna McMahon said...

It is sew sweet to see your daughter proudly modeling her new backpack. Hope you are fine while she is at school. I remember my daughter's very first day... And now this is her first year of high school! The pouch is a beaut, too. Love the size and the bright colours. Congrats on two great finishes!

Anonymous said...

Julie, glad to hear all consideration was taken about putting a first name on the backpack and eyes are on the little ones. So many bad people in this world! :(

Karen said...

This is gorgeous! Such great colors and so perfect with your embroidery :)

Lynne said...

Lovely! Well done you!

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