Monday, September 9, 2013

Getting Closer!

One of my Aunts was visiting from out of town this weekend and she put me to work making some stuff for a couple of her grandchildren. She just so happened to ask for a hip pouch after having seen the one I made for my niece recently.

Which works out GREAT because I promised you guys a tutorial and I was able to take pictures while I made this one! Which means I'm one step closer to getting that tutorial posted for you. 

Here's the inside. Ruby likes monkeys so she got a little monkey face applique on the inside.

She also asked for an ereader/tablet cover for her grandson, custom made to fit a Galaxy tablet. She asked if I had camouflage fabric, and I just so happened to have a couple of old uniforms on hand that I bought off of a marine here in our little military town. 

Custom ereader/tablet covers are posted in my etsy store if you'd like one of your own, the link is over on the sidebar. 

I do apologize for the late night pictures. She put me to work the day before she was going to set out to go back home, so I was on a time limit and didn't get finished until it was dark. The tutorial pictures will probably show a nice progression from day to night, lol. Look for that to be posted soon!

I've just recently had quite a few custom orders come in, both sewing and embroidery, so I'm going to have quite a bit to share with you. I've been slacking off in the crafting department for the last couple of weeks, it's nice to be put to work and have a goal to accomplish something again!


Karen said...

Julie! You have become a pro at your embroidery machine, look so great! What fabulous gift ideas :)

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