Monday, September 30, 2013

Etsy Shop Anniversary Special

It's mine and my husband's wedding anniversary today!

To celebrate, I want to give you a gift. That's right, YOU! 

Beginning today, all orders placed in my Etsy store will also receive a FREE gift! 

The freebie will be a surprise and will vary with every order. The higher the dollar amount of your order, the more valuable your freebie will be. The free gift will have a value of at least 10% of your order amount (not including shipping charges). 

There is no code needed for this promotion, I will automatically include your free gift for you!

This promotion is limited to physical items in the store, it is not valid on quilt patterns. However, I am offering a 10% discount code on the patterns to make up for it :)

Use code "ANNIVERSARY10" to save 10% on the purchase of a digital pattern.  

Here is just a sampling of the items currently available in the shop. There is much more to come, including holiday themed decorative items!

Here is the link to the store, you can also always find it on the sidebar or at the top of the page.

This offer expires Monday, October 14th. 

Also, I'm almost done with the hip pouch tutorial, writing patterns is always very time consuming for me because I don't want any mistakes! I am actively writing it though and will have it posted for you as soon as I can!


Heather said...

Happy anniversary! My husband and I celebrate our anniversary today has well.

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary! Your Minions are awesome!

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