Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ah, The Man Cold

The kid has learned the art of the man cold. He has a teensy weensy sore throat that he's majorly milking. It started Sunday night, and he was mostly back to himself last night. But, oh, the second he's in trouble for something? "My mouff hurts mommy!". How do I know he's milking it?
He totally dive-bombed a bowl of chips and salsa from the ever-yummy Moe's last night. Uh huh, how's that salsa on your tonsils? What? Not sick? Ohh....

So, a dramatic little almost-three-year-old has seriously squashed my progress this week, but that's okay!
I realized I never shared the accessories that went with Zach's D9P:

I also made him some basic curtains (which do hang evenly, promise):

and coordinating pillowcases:

So a cute little jungle-themed nursery!

I'm pretty neck-deep in my haunted house quilt. I got some basic quilting done this weekend, and bound it. I'm going back for some fill-in FMQ, so no sneaky-peeks until she's totally done!

Other than that, I've made very little progress on anything, but I did decide to join up with the Kaleidoscope QA at Don't Call Me Betsy. I'm several weeks late starting, but that's okay because I'm reading through all the threads on the Flickr group and learning from everyone else's mistakes!

My fabric choices for the KSQA:

Lola's Posies by Lila Tueller for Riley Blake Designs, along with a medium Caribbean blue solid. I'm quite stoked! This is the first time I've used such a bold solid!


Sadie said...

Love your curtains and pillow cases :-) And I LOVE your fabric choices for the KQAL, especially the blue solid :-)
my daughter has the art of the man flu too.

Al said...

I'm still in love with that fabric.
And now you've made me want Moe's.....after I started eating ice cream. I can totally have burritos and icecream? Right? ;)

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