Friday, October 14, 2011

A Diaper Bag for Baby Abbagail

I mentioned Wednesday that I was working on a commissioned project. I had one of the ladies from the daycare where I used to take my kids (before I had so many that the expense of daycare put me out of work) call me and ask me if I made diaper bags. I told her I had never made a diaper bag before but that I do like to make bags and happened to have a tote bag pattern that would make an excellent one. 

Do you remember this bag that I made for the giveaway?

It was made with the Bow Tucks Tote Bag pattern. It's finished size is something like 11"x13" and 5" deep and it has a ton of pockets on the inside. 

I showed her this picture and she fell in love with it and asked me to make one for her friend's impending arrival. 

She said the mom-to-be liked pink, purple, butterflies and flowers. I just so happened to have some fabric that fit the bill perfectly!

She asked if I could embroider her name on it. I told her I did embroider, but I was still a bit new to it and my stitching isn't perfect. She didn't care. She said that was the beauty of handmade items. I think I might love her :)

I measured the pockets of the one I made for the giveaway to see if diapers and bottles would fit and they were perfect, so I used the same pocket measurements for this one.

I delivered it to her Wednesday night and she loved it! 

Yay for a happy customer!

You know, I bought this pattern with the sole intention of making a bag for myself. This is the second one I have made and I still don't have one for me! Oh well, at least I'm getting plenty of use out of the pattern! I think by the time I get around to making one for myself I'll be able to do it in my sleep :)


Staci said...

Your bags are wonderful! So surprise your customer loved it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love your embroidery!

Alli said...

That bag is so pretty! Isn't it great when you get more use out of something you bought than you thought you would? :)

trish said...

What pretty bags! :o)

Lori said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love the fabrics!

karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Such cute bags!

Heather said...

Of course she loved it. It's adorable! Great job. Now, go and make one for yourself! ;o)

katie@stvital said...

It's a fantastic bag! I may need one.

Amanda Jean said...

what GORGEOUS bags! they look so professionally made. nice, nice work! i totally think you need to make one to keep before you get sick of making the pattern, LOL!

thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

Aly said...

Where did you get the pattern?

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