Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dissecting Aorta and Matching Birdies

I've mentioned my grandma before on this blog, but probably not as extensively as I should to truly represent how much she has influenced my life.

My grandma is my rock, my inspiration, and my best friend. I talk to her daily. We share project ideas, recipes, secrets. She taught me to sew, she inspires my current projects, and she encourages me in my creative endeavors.

She is heart. All heart. The woman gives, loves... she's strong. There's not a soul on earth who dislikes her. She's kind, and she's fun. She went parasailing last time she was down here. She just went to a haunted house last weekend. She's the "cool" grandma. She fist-bumps instead of hand-shaking. She dances with Kid. She helps me make quilts for the hospital.

She's the sweet melody of a songbird on a quiet spring morning, the rustling of the leaves in the fall, and every other great memory you can think of.

She's these pillows:

And this quilt:

And this bird:

And she's in emergency surgery for a dissecting aorta. I prefer to think that her heart's just trying to escape from her because it's too big to be held in by her ribcage. Regardless, prayers are needed and appreciated greatly.

I try not to get heavy or personal on the blog too much, but... this is my grandma. She's my rock. And I need her. She's gotta stick around, you know? So, if you pray, pray. If you don't, send good thoughts. Please.