Monday, October 24, 2011

For the Love of Solids Swap-Received!!

It only took 5 1/2 weeks after the mailing deadline to receive but it's finally here!

I would be lying if I said I wasn't getting downright depressed that I still hadn't received my package. Out of 90 something swappees there were only 4 left that were still waiting, FOUR. 
And I was one of them, which just seems to be my luck as of late.

It turns out we had two people who joined the swap and then were never heard from again. So Elizabeth and Megan got right to work on angel packages for the recipients of these two people. They both posted pictures of what they were working on in the Flickr group. Megan's was a late night cell phone picture where you couldn't really tell what color it was but she was very excited about the fact that it was a rainbow palette. So I got excited thinking it would be for me because I specifically asked for rainbows! 

But she also said it would be there by that weekend (which was a few weeks ago) and when it didn't arrive I figured I was wrong and it wasn't for me after all. 

So every day I would check the mail box and every day I would be disappointed. But today was different. Today I actually saw my mail carrier put a package in there! So I ran out and checked the mail and there it was!! And it was from Megan!! It turns out she was busy preparing for and going to the Sewing Summit (lucky girl!) that she didn't get a chance to send it out until last week.

I love how colorful the zipper is!

She even sent me a sampler pack of Aurifil. I have been dying to get my hands on one of these so I could try out all the different weights but I haven't been able to win any of the giveaways out there!

Here it is in my messy sewing corner, it really brightens things up! 

Thank you SO much Megan, for stepping up and sending me this awesome swap package. I really do love it! And thank you for finally putting an end to my suffering, LOL!


Heidi Grohs said... just reminded me I have a swap due at the end of the week...

Awesome stuff! I am doing my first swap and am very nervous actually...for me to get it done and for them, poor souls, who get my work...

Lynne said...

It's lovely and well worth waiting for!

Nicky said...

The wait was long but it looks stunning!

Leanne said...

I am so glad you got this wonderful quilt and package!

Marci Girl said...

Well it does certainly seem like the wait was worth it! What a beautiful quilt and it looks so great in your sewing corner!

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