Monday, October 17, 2011

Kid Quilting

Betcha you think I'm going to talk about quilting for kids. Quilts made for children. Child-oriented novelty fabrics.

Nope. I'm talking about Kid. Quilting.

How old is old enough to start sewing? I was about 6 when I started hand-sewing, and 7 when I started on machine.

Kid's already shown an interest and he "helps" me frequently. He'll hand me pieces to stitch together, he helps guide the fabric while on my lap... he quite loves to piece. His favorite, though, is picking out fabrics. He is the reason my scraps are never as organized as they should be.

Case and point:

No, but seriously... after he dumps out the fabric, he plays with it. He organizes by color and size, and tells me what he wants to sew together. We can't go to Joann's or the quilt shop without coming home with at least one cut he picked. (See the fish in the below photo? That was today's buy.)

He spent well over an hour today sorting the above basket of strips:

So, we've decided to let him make his first quilt. All those strips are about 3"x18". Leftovers from cutting tumblers out of fat quarters. There are a ton of different lines in there - Beetle Boy, Count with Maisy, Spot's Favorite Colors, Mr. Fix It, Sparky Pound Hounds, Hungry Caterpillar... not enough of any one line to make anything more than a block, really. Together, it will be quite scrappy, but it should be bright!
I plan to cut out 3" squares from the strips and let him do a simple patchwork design. No real pattern, just squares to squares, and see how big it is in the end. See that Woody iron-on in front of him? That'll probably find its way onto the front, too. I can't promise it'll be the coolest or most modern quilt out there, but we will have fun making it!

So... look for that quilt sometime in the next year or two, eh? He gets distracted after about 10 minutes of stitching. ;)


Heidi Grohs said...

Can't wait to see it!!!

Alli said...

That's so awesome that he likes to help you! :)

Krista Schneider said...

that's waht i dream about when I envision maybe someday perhaps if the planets align having children, eventually. hahaha! Have fun with that little guy while he still thinks it's cool to sew with momma!

Greta said...

That's awesome! I love that second pic of him studying the fabric, what a great & unexpected learning tool. Can't wait to see what the two of you come up with :)

Lynne said...

What a great story. Thank you so much for encouraging him.

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