Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hexing it Up

My family and I spent the last 5 days sans air conditioner. When you live in the south, that's no fun, even this time of year when the weather is cooler. It wasn't too incredibly hot in the house, just really stuffy. Even with the windows open and ceiling fans on I just felt like I couldn't get enough air. We do have a window unit in the living room, so we weren't suffering, but the back of the house (where my sewing area is) was quite uncomfortable. 

So I did what people like me do best, I pulled out a hand project. 

The EPP bug hit me well over a year ago. I just hadn't blogged anything yet for fear that I would pressure myself to finish this long term project. I bought the fabric bundle then, the paper pieces this past summer and got straight to work.

I use the cheater method, glue. Hey, I still have to hand sew them together, so I'm not taking ALL of the fun out of EPP!

Dab a dot in the middle of the paper to help hold it in place

Then around the edges

And fold them over

I've gotten so many more done using the glue than I did when I was thread basting them. I do worry that it may be a bit harder to remove the papers using the glue, I guess I'll find out when I get to that point.

Here is my progress so far, I LOVE how this project fits so nicely in my Mouthy Stitches Swap pouch.

I realized last night, as I was putting together a backing for the Castle Peeps wedge quilt (FINALLY!) that I was neglecting my Just Three items, with 4 days left until goal. So I'm going to put this stuff down and get to work. Wish me luck that I meet my goal!

And apparently Heidi and I are on the same blogging wavelength today. She's in my head y'all! Must be why I love her so much :P


Heidi Grohs said...

I love ya too!!!

A pouch is next on my list for my hexis! I found a great pattern in the new Hexa go-go!

Lynne said...

On Monday, I started my first ever EPP hexagon project. So far, I have cut 17. My teacher tacked the first one (we still used a dot of glue in the centre), I tacked 15 and my husband tacked one! Wouldn't it be fun if he took up piecing with me? Even if he did the tacking and I ended up doing all the hand piecing it would still be fun! Well, to me anyway!

Sarah@SisterGiggles said...

I've been doing hexies this week, too. I've used a generic glue stick with purchased templates. I ironed each hexie after glue-basting, and I don't know if it's the glue or the combo of glue and ironing, but I'm having a hard time pulling out the papers. Little strips of the top layer of the template are still stuck to the fabric.

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