Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lots of Sewing and a Chance to Win A Quilt

I don't know about you guys, but when I get in MEGA sewing modes, where I'm just sewing like a crazy person, I tend to shut down chatting.... blogging... online groups... all of it. A few pictures make it to facebook but that's about it.

The good news is that, despite my radio silence, I've been uber productive lately!

In the past week, I've completed start-to-finish two pillowcases, two valances, a crib sized quilt, a twin sized duvet cover, and a throw sized quilt. Oh, and cut up fabric kits for a block bee I'm joining up with. And grocery shopped, and had a certain someone's FOURTH birthday party.

All that, and my list still isn't even close to done. I have OODLES of tree skirts to make now!

A few photos for your viewing pleasure:
A wet and wild birthday bash

Complete with Elmo Cupcakes from Cupcake Nerds

And the throw quilt:

Now this throw quilt.... could be yours.

My husband and I are involved in a new church start up called Echo Point Church, here in the Clearwater area. By "start up", we mean "haven't got a thing!". We are trying to raise money for the kids' ministry to buy craft supplies, games, puppets, etc. For each $5 donation you make, we will email a receipt ticket good for one entry into a drawing for this quilt. Need a christmas gift AND want to help someone out? $5 donation and you could possibly have one awesome gift knocked right off the list! We'll be drawing a winner on September 30th - help spread the word! Paypal is accepted for donations - email me at distant pickles@yahoo.com for instructions if interested in donating for a chance to win this quilt!

Quilt stats? it's 64"x72", made using the Tube Quilting: The Karen Way tutorial right here at Distant Pickles. The front prints are grays and yellows with a brown solid, and the back is a steely gray. If you win, it will be shipped directly to you. 

In other news... Gypsy Dance is still coming, folks. Jennifer is my final tester for the twin sized version of the pattern and she has been utterly and completely invaluable. Seriously. I had a beyond moronic mistake with the math (as in, saved the old version of the pattern on my work computer and kept giving the poor girl the numbers from that instead of the updated version.) but we have it ALMOST completely, 100% worked out. I hope to be able to release it within a week or so. 


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