Saturday, September 8, 2012

Just Three-September

Well, I managed to accomplish 2 out of 3 goals for August.

Goal #1
Finish piecing the top of the Prince Charming quilt-DONE!

Prince Charming quilt top

I love this quilt top, a lot. The fabric for the backing will be here on Monday so hopefully it won't take too long to get it finished.

Goal #2
Make myself a new bag-DONE!

The Scoop Tote by Green Bee Patterns

Y'all, I am IN LOVE with this bag. It is just perfect so far. I am having some issues with the outside pockets like I thought I might so I'm most likely going to tack them down in the middle. I'll figure it out.

Goal #3
Finish writing the pattern for this quilt-FAIL

My Precious QAL completed top

I didn't make any progress on it at all, I have a serious mental block about a certain step. Eventually I'll get some time to think and will work it out.

Now on to September's goals, because it actually really did help to do this last month!

Goal #1
Anniversary gift for the hubs

I joined The Proverbial Quilt Along with plans to make a gift for my husband. I am going to make two mini quilts to hang in the living room, they're the lyrics to our song. 

Proverbial Quilt Along

Proverbial Quilt Along

The letters are pieced into words and that's as far as I made it when I ran out of the background fabric. I picked some up the other day and should have enough to piece them together completely. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to finish it though, if I'm going to add any other design elements to it or just bind it.

Goal #2
Make some pajamas for Bug. 

I found these pillowcases while on a hunt for vintage linens a couple of years ago. With the help of this tutorial I'm going to make some super soft nightgowns. Bug is all about the pajamas these days and would spend all day in them if I let her.

Goal #3

Finish up and mail out the secret gifts I've been working on so I can actually tell you guys what they are!

What is going on here?

^^That part is almost done. I have a couple of other small projects to go along with them and then I'll be able to ship them off.

I didn't put the quilt pattern on the list for this month because I'm afraid I'm going to stress over it and it will get bumped again, and then again next month, and it will just never get done. I just need to do some thinking on the part that I'm stuck on then I'll move it back on here.

That's it, wish me luck!

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Leanne said...

Wow, I love each of your projects!

felicity said...

How did I miss your Proverbial progress? I love it! And that quilt that is waiting on a pattern is fabulous!

Katie said...

I'm doing the Proverbial quilt along too, although you are much farther ahead than I am! I like your choice of words, Sublime....

Jenniffier said...

Great work! Good luck on your goals this month!

Lisa said...

You did great this month! Love all the Tula Pink! I have the fabric just scared to cut it! Now the quilt top with no pattern might be good for some if you need a tester one day! It is going to be wonderful to showcase designer fabric! What a great anniversary present! I need to get through a few of my goals!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

add me to the proverbial quilt fans... :) and the bag too.
Good luck with figuring that last step on the pattern out! :)

Rebecca said...

2 out of 3 is great! I LOVE the prince charming quilt. Look forward to seeing the word quilt come together. :) The new pattern is great too, can't wait to see.

Heather said...

Love your projects, you are like me, Tula Pink fabric is in everything!! LOL! I like your word quilt, when I first read Lovin' is what I got, I started singing the song in my head and scrolled down and laughed, Is what I got. Love that song too.

Kelsey said...

Love everything!! Especially love your proverbial quilt - that's a great song!

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