Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fancy Some Cake?

Swap is now full!

Because I can't get enough of swaps and Bree is totally in love with rainbows (ok, I may be a bit in love with rainbows too)

We're announcing the Rainbow Layer Cake Swap!

Rainbow charm swaps are always a big hit in the blogiverse. I've been a member of one and really enjoyed the swap and the awesome charms I received. But I found myself wanting and needing some pieces larger than the 5" square. Bree would just love to get her hands on some rainbow-y goodness. Have I mentioned yet that she loves rainbows?

Anyway, here's the plan:

-20 participants, each will be assigned two colors
-Each participant buys two 1.5 yard cuts of fabric (for a total of 3 yards)
-Each 1.5 yard cut gets cut into 10" squares for a total of 20 squares per fabric cut or 40 squares per person
-Quilt shop quality fabrics only, no fabrics from JoAnn, Walmart, etc. 
-No solids or batiks, we're looking for tone-on-tone fabrics in the color you're assigned. We'll go into more detail in the welcome email.
-Mail your squares to me along with a self addressed postage paid flat rate envelope
-Deadline to mail your squares to me will be March 1st. 
-Upload an image of your fabric selections to the Distant Pickles Flickr group so there aren't any duplicates. 
-International people are welcome to join, I will have to bill you for postage through paypal and your mailing deadline will be Feb. 15th. You may have your fabric shipped directly to me and I will cut it for you if you'd like. 

So how do you sign up?

Easy, just email us at

If you have a particular color you'd like to be assigned, let us know in your sign up email and we will try to accomodate you. 

Bree and I are participating too so the first 18 emails we receive are in and will receive an email from us with more specific instructions and the mailing address for where they will need to send their squares.

If we get enough interest we will gladly set up more than one group.

So, are you in?


Leanne said...

Great idea, I sent you an email, maybe I am not too late.

Unknown said...

I think I'd like to play, too. Will send you a Flickrmail. :) Thanks! (nkiblueeyes at me dot com)

Melinda said...

Came across this quilt today on an FQS newsletter. What a cute quilt for bright layer cake squares! I'm keeping this one on my list!

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