Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finally! A Finish for Fabric Tuesday!

I've been working on a quilt for my two year old for a few weeks now. Would you believe I've made over 40 quilts, and never a real one for my own kid?!

Without further ado, I present "Pretty Doggies". (He named it)

I used Max and Whiskers for this quilt, because he has an insatiable need to run after and pet all things canine, and most things feline. Every time I had it out to piece, to baste, to quilt, he would pet the blocks with the dogs on them and whisper "pre-ee goggies! my goggies!" (2 year old translation: "pretty doggies! my doggies!")

After oodles of hours of pattern searching, I came back to settle on a pattern I've always loved: Ritzy Cracker. I paired up Max and Whiskers with some good, old fashioned white, and went to town! To make it big enough for his bed, I added borders in Kona Tan. The size of this quilt is 65"x75". I used a few Disappearing 9 Patch bocks to piece together the back.

See? Perfect fit!

Since no quilt is complete without a label, I simply used the piecing on the front to create mine:

I can't take full credit for using the center of the block as a label.. our friend over at Fabric Donkey did the same when she used this pattern!

Last but not least, and my favorite part.. the binding flange! I used a tutorial over at Jaybird Quilts for this. I love how it frames things out so nicely before adding the scrappy binding!

I'm linking this up to Quiltstory's Fabric Tuesday... go over and check out some of the other awesome projects there!

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Kelsey said...

Wow, this quilt is beautiful front AND back! Great job!

Riel Nason said...

It looks just great on his bed. And how fabulous that he loves it, that is the best.

Jennifer said...

What an adorable quilt! Love the binding too!

Jennifer :)

Carol said...

Wonderful quilt. I'm using pieced backs too, these days. Makes them so much more fun.
Stopping in from quilt story. My link is http://carolburris.com/quilting/april-dogwood-quilt-update/

Rachael said...

this looks great, love the fabric, and thanks for commenting on my blog.

FabricDonkey said...

I really love this quilt! It's gorgeous. Nicely done, Bree.

Unknown said...

I love love love this quilt! Thanks for the lik to the binding flange tutorial as well. I will definitlye try that one of these days.

Unknown said...

Love how it turned out!

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

Yes, I can imagine making that many quilts and not one for your son! I have made many quilts and haven't kept very many of them, as I've either given them away or sold them.

Cute "Doggie" quilt!

Mrs. Hearts~

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