Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Super Finish!

It's done!

Whew! I was sweating it there for a minute when that thread was taking so long to come in.

It finally showed up on Saturday and I got to work.

I mean, with a husband gone all day Saturday and Sunday fishing that means mama gets some time for her hobby too, right?

These are my favorite blocks by the way

I showed him the finished quilt when he got home Sunday night. "How did you finish it when you were home alone with all 4 kids?" he asked.

It's called multi-tasking my dear :)


Lesly said...

That is a SUPER finish! I am just drooling over that quilt! What a great use of Parisville - it is just stupendous. I kick myself every time I see one of those finished Supernova quilts - why didn't I quilt along with all of you? I could have one of those beauties all my own!

Lee said...

Gorgeous! Stunning! Incredible! : ) I just love it in Parisville so much. Thanks for quilting along with me, it was so much fun!

Pieces to Love said...


Kerstin said...

Simply beautiful! Love your fabric choice!

Linz said...

That is so gorgeous!! I love the purple background fabric - ALL of the blocks, and I love the back! That's spactacular! Congratulations!!

Marci Girl said...

Congrats on winning the FQ bundle from Lee! Your husband's comments were exactly what my husband says everyday, how can you do "whatever" while watching our child? Yes, multi-tasking! Beautiful quilt!

Kelli said...

Ooh, I love parisville!
This is gorgeous!

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