Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WIP Wawa....Tuesday?

Tomorrow I have some pretty awesome news so I'm posting my WIP Wednesday post today. 

If you're visiting from Lee's linky, then it's already Wednesday, go back to my home page and check out my news!

Ok, I totally spazzed last week and did not get my post up. Good thing Bree was on the ball so y'all still had something to look at. Wasn't her stuff great? I just love her Halloween quilt she's working on and can't wait to see it finished.

So what have I been up to?

I finally have made some progress on my Naked Bed Challenge quilt and the Ogee Quilt Along.

For the Naked Bed Challenge I've taken old jeans and cut them up to get squares of denim. I'm sewing them on the top of the quilt patchwork style. The idea was my husband's and this is how far I made before I started wondering just what the heck I let him talk me into.

Just kidding. I ran out of the squares that I had pre-cut. This is going to be quite a challenge though. Those squares don't like to stay in place, can you see the one that got really wonky on me? I had originally started using that gold denim thread to stitch them down and really loved how it looked but the thread kept snapping on me! I don't think it liked that I wasn't using the same thread for the backing. I switched to the blue and I think it will be more forgiving in hiding mistakes anyway.

Here's how far I've gotten on the Ogee Quilt Along

I still have more cutting to do and am playing around with more colors. Do you think I should add some pink?

If I do there will be four "blocks" in the pink colors. I have another idea that might work that I have to play around with a bit, just though I'd get your opinions so far.

Now how about a couple of finishes?

I've gotten a couple of bee blocks done.

For the Christmas Bee, Kristina sent us precut strips and asked us to put them together for a bento box block. She's going to cut them up when she gets them back, we just had to sew them together.

And for the 12 Month Bee, Karen sent us a pattern and fabrics for a Shoofly block

This is actually going to be HER Naked Bed Challenge quilt, talk about killing two birds with one stone!

I still have two more blocks to do for the Christmas Bee, pictorial blocks for Carrie. I have to finish those this week! 

And guess what, I'm the Queen Bee for June for BOTH of my bees! I've got all my packages together and ready to stuff into envelopes.

For the 12 Month Bee I'm asking them to make me a house for my little faces

I wish I could claim credit for this idea but I saw it on A Quilt is Nice. I asked Nettie if she minded if I duplicated it since I loved it so much and she graciously said yes and requested a picture when it was finished.

For the Christmas Bee I'm asking for houses and trees so I can have a Christmas Village. I haven't made a sample block yet but here are the packages ready to go!

I signed up for the Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Block of the Month last year. I wasn't really feeling the patterns I was being sent though so I just held onto the fabric. I decided to send a packet to each of my bee buddies. I split the fabric up as evenly as I could (The Fat Quarter Shop was VERY generous in the amount of fabric in each one) and added some charms from Flurry since it coordinated so nicely with the 12 Days of Christmas just to give them some variety. I'm really excited to see what they come up with!

Is that all I'm working on? Yikes, it feels weird to not have 10 projects going on at once. 

Projects on Hold

It's a Hoot String quilt-I have fabric! And a super awesome friend :) Ogee needs the design wall, I'll pull this one back out later.

Lollipop bento box quilt

Strawberry Lemonade snowball quilt

Strawberry Lemonade ritzy cracker quilt

Dill Blossoms hexagon quilt

One last thing. Have you ever had a destash sale? I've been wanting a new camera lens for quite awhile. See those pictures of the Ogee? I had to stand all the way in the corner of my room, as far back as I could get and hold the camera above my head to get just a teeny bit more room to get the whole thing in the picture. My widest angle lens is a 50mm. My other option is to use my cell phone or my point and shoot and I just can't seem to get pictures that really show off the fabric with those. They always seem to be really grainy.

Anyway, I went through my fabrics last night and pulled a few that I'm thinking about selling. Mostly fat quarters where I ordered an entire bundle and didn't want to use them all, or fabric I bought for one thing and then changed my mind and used something else.

This is some of what I have pulled out so far.

Have you had any luck destashing? Or have any suggestions as far as the best place to list (ebay, etsy?) and prices to get it gone? Any input would be great!

As always I'll be linking up with Lee (once her link goes live that is!)

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Elizabeth Dackson said...

Your Ogee quilt-along progress looks great so far - and as for another color to add, pink would be nice, but I think a deeper, brighter pink might work better, or a tomato kind of red would also look nice. I've never done a destash, but I do buy from a lot of destashes on Etsy...rarely Ebay. I try to buy for current market price or less when possible with destashes - I hope that info helps! And I'll take those Just Wing It FQ's off your hands, I love that line! :)

Andrea said...


sigma quilt I'm doing also , I see that yours is running fine! I love those roses
sorry for my English

Bree said...

Seriously love the little house blocks!

Kylie Lloyd said...

love the ogee quilt along. Looking great.

Cindy said...

Yes! Add the pink - it lifts the quilt. I like the blues and greens along, but as soon as you add the pink it just shines. Beautiful.

CityHouseStudio said...

Your ogee quilt looks amazing!
And I love all the quilts I've seen lately with little houses!

patchworkdelights said...

wow you are seriously busy! Love the little house it's toooo cute!

M-R Charbonneau said...

Love the Ogee quilt. That's going to be gorgeous!

Kristen said...

Gorgeous stuff going on around here! Ogee and that house are great! I love the idea of that bento box too!

Marci Girl said...

I'm not in love with the pink for the Ogee quilt honestly, but I also don't know what you should use instead. IMHO! I love how neat your Christmas bee block packages are! As far as de-stashing goes, I would use etsy, and either sell them in bundles or independently, you should have some luck that way!

Rachel said...

Love the Ogee Quilt! I vote for no pink.

Alli said...

I've never done a destash myself, but I did read one blogger who put her destash out of prints up on etsy for a friendly price, and then found out later that some people who bought those fabrics just put them back up for sale for more money. :(

Leanne said...

You have so many lovely projects! The denim quilt is a big undertaking, it will be very heavy and warm when it is done but will be really great. All your bees are looking good, I am looking forward to making that little house!

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