Saturday, September 10, 2011

Header Contest Update

Ok, so I know I said we were going to put an end to the contest at midnight but Bree and I had a discussion about it and decided to hold off a bit longer. Well, not really a discussion I guess, it was more like "Hey, think we should hold off on the contest for a week or two? I know you're super busy with a commission quilt and Cauldron Crafts and I've got that big birthday party and solids swap occupying all of my time. What do you think?" Her response? "Totally, yes yes yes." 

So, as much as I hate to do it for those of you who have submitted your entries, we need just a teeny bit more time. It's not that we can't post the entries and start the voting, it's that we have these couple of deadlines we need to get past  before we can even get the prize packages together because we really want to include something handmade. And well, it's not fair to you guys to promise a prize and then not get it to you in a timely manner.

With all that being said...We're going to let it go two more weeks. The Cauldron Craft schedule will be at Fabric Donkey on the 23rd and 30th and will give us time to end the contest and start the voting. She should be done with her commission quilt, I will be done with the swap and the birthday party and we will be able to get the prize packages together for you.

Sorry to do this but bear with us guys, you know how it is when life slips away from you right? 

And since every post should have a picture, I leave you with my silly boy, Moose, enjoying some birthday cake on Bug's birthday.

He's next! His 1st birthday is fast approaching (hence the party planning). We figured we'd let him practice his cake smashing a bit early. I don't think he got the smashing part down as well as he did the eating part!


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