Saturday, September 24, 2011

Versatile Chalkboard Sign

Hey hey, Cauldron Crafters!

Last year, while I was gathering Halloween crafting ideas, I scoured the Martha Stewart site. Love her or hate her, the woman's got some good stuff. (Even if her site does take eleventy billion hours to load.)

So I ran across this: . Simple and cute enough... just use a dollar store chalkboard, hang with a length of chain.

But I can't just leave ideas alone. Nope.

Last year, my dad cut me some arrow shaped pieces of scrap wood. What for?

A directional sign, pointing to all the different elf workshops and whathaveyou, of course.

Except I never got around to painting it. So I have some arrow shaped pieces of wood that were just begging for attention.

I started with some acrylic paint in a spooky green, and painted up the edges of my sign, then added 3 coats of chalkboard paint to the front face of the sign. Add a bit of hot glue, with some orange buttons shaped conspicuously like a pumpkin... a length of ribbon stapled to the back...

and you have a directional Trick or Treat sign!

Since the sign itself is not specifically Halloween oriented, the words can be erased and re-written to direct your Thanksgiving guests to, say, the dessert table!

Mine will be hanging in my front window, facing the trick or treaters... as soon as it's socially acceptable to have the exterior of my house decorated for Halloween ;)

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Ashley said...

Very cute! I may have to make a few of these for all my holidays. ;)

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