Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweet and Simple Felt Candy Corn Banner

Hola, Cauldron Crafters! Ready for another fun and simple tutorial?

This is the rad Candy Corn banner that requires minimal supplies, minimal experience, and minimal time! I love hanging banners up on the wall - they just add a little bit of extra oomph! I have a special place for holiday banners above a little indented wall space in my living room.

This banner is so ridiculously simple. For the banner shown above, which is roughly 6' in length, you'll need:
a 7' (ish) piece of twine
a hot glue gun with two or three sticks of glue
72" width felt from Joann's - you will need 1/8th of a yard of orange, white, and 1/4 yard of yellow

start with a template. I took an 8.5"x11" piece of card stock and folded in half lengthwise, then drew out half a candy corn shape:

Then, with it still folded, cut around your outside shape. Unfold, and extend those piecing lines the rest of the way across:

Cut along your middle lines, then mark what color goes where:

From here, I measured my own template. To give you some help - my orange is 3" tall, the yellow and white are 2.5" each.

Cut strips of your felt accordingly:

Why, yes. That is a million and a half too many strips. Thanks for noticing!

Cut out your shapes using your template and regular sewing scissors. I used 11 of each shape. Once you have your shapes cut, take them to your machine. Line up an orange and a yellow side by side (not overlapping) and sew a wide zig-zag stitch down the length. Add your white atop the orange, and again stitch, with the pieces side by side.

Now... we have a candy corn!

Repeat 11 times.

Then you are simply going to lay your twine out across a table, and using a line of hot glue on the back of your candy corn piece towards the top, push your twine into the hot glue and allow it to set. The weight is minimal, so a little bit of glue is all that is needed.
Next, tie the ends of your twine to pushpins or a nail, as you see fit, and hang it on up! You could also use clips to hang it from a curtain rod, or attach the candy corns vertically and hang them down from a doorway! Either way, let us see what you do - upload your photos to the Flickr Group!


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