Friday, September 7, 2012

A Birthday Outfit for Bug

If you know Bree and I, or read the story of how our blog came to be, you would know that our toddlers share a birthday, it was this past Tuesday.

I make Bug an outfit for her birthday every year and this one was no exception. In true Julie fashion, I procrastinated and didn't start planning it until the night before. Fortunately, we weren't having her party until the day after, so I had some time. I took her to the LQS to pick out some fabric and showed her a couple of tutorials for shirts and asked her to pick one. 

She did a great job I think!

Miss SassyPants' birthday outfit

Now, she's 4, so her matching skills aren't that great. She picked the butterflies (from Valori Wells Cocoon) and I gave her some options in solids for the pantaloons. I'm glad she picked the green (Kona Chartreuse) because it matches some other fabric I bought specifically to make something for her to wear. 

I just love this picture of her, this was after I asked her how old she was.

How old am I?

"I'm FOUR!!" she said.


In shop news, the printed version of Mod Pop is finally in and shipping out.

Mod Pop printed

If you ordered before today then it is on it's way out to you! 


Leanne said...

She is adorable as is the outfit! Hurray for the patterns.

Lynne said...

That outfit is gorgeous! I loved the expressions on the little girls's face (I'm sorry but I can't bring myself to call that little cutie "Bug")!

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