Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Second Seuss and Some Bonus Finishes

Do you guys remember this quilt from back in June?

It was made for one of my husband's coworkers, who had just recently found out she was pregnant. She was about 7 weeks at the time that I made it. I don't usually do gifts that early, but he was excited and wanted me to make something so he could show it off, lol. So.. he picked the fabric and basic design, and I sewed it up, and off he went. She loved it!


she found out she was having twins.

Uh.... oops. Guess I need to make another quilt, eh? You can't very well give just one quilt to two babies!

I've been putting it off. No hurry, she's not due until January or so. I think... I should double check that, eh?

Well, this weekend, I was feeling fidgety. I'm just about Halloween-project'ed out (Read: I'm running out of Halloween stash fabrics!) and I wanted to get something DONE. I started playing with some scraps - roughly 3" wide strips of Seuss fabrics. It evolved quickly into a quilt-as-you-go string quilt (following the bottled rainbows method), and in a weekend, we have a new finish!

Not a bad coordinate, right? I didn't want to do identical quilts, but I still wanted them to coordinate. I quite like it, and now the string quilt bug has bitten me!

I also pulled off another early Christmas finish... a Toy Story themed rag quilt for Kid. We're hoping to travel home to Maine for Christmas this year, and I figure a new quilt will make for one small distraction on the ride up!

And a 1600 Jelly-Roll quilt as an appreciation/birthday gift for my awesome hairdresser:

Have you guys tried that pattern out yet? SO easy and so quick!! Not to mention modern and actually, sorta manly. My 18 year old brother has requested one in black, white, and orange for Christmas.

So... lots of quick finishes lately. Next on my project list is KSQA, which has been sitting on my design wall for far, far too long!


Andrea said...

that good production! the quilt to the other boy I love

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