Sunday, May 1, 2011

What's Your Favorite Holiday?

Christmas wins in my house by a landslide - I'm a certified Christmas freak. My husband calls me confused, as I listen to the Glee Christmas album in April, but I call myself festively gifted.

Right now, though, I've started in on a different holiday - Halloween! I won a fat quarter bundle of Riley Blake's Boo to You fabric last May, at Raccoon Creek Quilts. I've been slowly adding things to my collection and formulating a plan for an awesome quilt.

When I saw the Topsy Turvy pattern by Amanda Jean at Moda Bake Shop, I knew it was a WIN! Only.. I can't really just do a pattern. So I'm funking it up a little bit more. I'm taking 6 of those 30 blocks and making them into wonky Haunted Houses. The rest will be the wonky squares outlined in Amanda Jean's tutorial. For my free-pieced houses, I used the WonkyTown tutorial from UnRuly Quilting, found here. (Click on Wonkytown for the PDF).

I have to say, my first block is not my favorite. I learned a few things: first, I would prefer a framing around the window. Second, I like chimneys, shoulda done one. Third... these use a LOT of fabric! I've chopped up almost a full half yard of Kona coal, just for these two blocks. They are good scrapbusters on the insides, though. I'll be adding some appliqued and quilted elements to these to doll them up, as I learn more lessons.

Without further ado, blocks one:

and two:

Two, I am much happier with. I like the framed out window better, and I love the chimney... but that doggone roof is too small. Onto the third block!


Rebecca said...

Love your funky houses. =]

Melanie said...

Those little houses are the best!
I love Christmas! As much as my husband hates it, I start listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween...

Leanne said...

Those are very cute, the occupants of your houses look pretty comfortable too!

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