Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome, Val! (Keeping Up with My Conqueror)

Hey, Cauldron Crafters!

We have another visitor today with some inspiration in the form of a Halloween Quilt! Welcome, Val!


The Basics:

Answers to: Valerie, Val, Hey you, mom, and random angry screams from a toddler

Blogs at: Keeping Up With My Conqueror

Years Quilting/Sewing: >1 year

Sews on: BabyLock CC2

Family: 1 husband, 1 son, 1 cat, and 1 dog

Location: hot hot hot Texas (did I mention it's hot?)

Hi Faithful Readers of the super crazy awesome Distant Pickles, I'm Val from over at Keeping Up With My Conqueror.


When Bree asked me to do a guest post I have to admit I was a bit shocked (I actually thought she had the wrong Val, there are more than one of us around y'know, but she didn't) and I'm totally honored that she wanted me to participate in their Cauldron Crafts special, it's my absolute favorite time of the year.

Halloween has always had a special place in this chunky girls heart, think about it, is there any other holiday that encourages you to dress crazy and demand candy from perfect strangers? I didn't think so. note: if you know of other holidays like that please fill me in, I'm an equal opportunity candy eater

Halloween is also dear to me because it's pretty much the reason I started sewing. My first real project I ever did was my son's Halloween costume, he was a Viking, and surprisingly it actually turned out, well... not terrible :)


Yes it helps to have a cute model!

For his costume I made the pants, vest, hat, faux boots, belt, arm bands, soft ax (for our own safety) and a viking softy. For now it's also our default Renaissance Faire costume.


My super awesome husband made the viking ship/wagon, he helped design the teddy bear skin rug too.

I'm still very new to the quilting world, my Halloween quilt is actually my first real sized finished quilt. It was a blast working on it and I really enjoyed playing with it. When I planned it out I knew that I wouldn't be able to make a heirloom quilt this go around. With a 2 year old, a boxer who likes to spend his days on the couch, a cat who rules all she surveys, and a hard working husband I knew this would be taking a beating, so I embraced the idea. I've already had to repair a seam once, once I fixed it I used a contrasting thread to highlight the area. Halloween is supposed to be rough and a bit messy right?

Alex and Oggie

I'm hoping that this quilt will get lots of love this year and for many more to come.

Halloween Quilt

Now that I have this project under my belt I have lots more Halloween plans, costumes, table linens, more quilts (you can never have too many right?) I even have an idea for a rug for the living room!

Happy Halloween lovely DP readers, enjoy your candy, the beautiful fall weather, and don't forget to make this and every year more special than the last!


Al said...

Cute quilt!
And oh man do I love that viking ship.

Val said...

Allegory thank you my DH will love to hear his ship getting recognition :) the man worked FOREVER on it :)

Stefie said...

Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post a tutorial on the ship!! OMG, I've been looking for one for my 1 year old, he's getting to big to carry around at SCA events, even in a sling. This would be PERFECT!

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