Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday-September 28 (How's that for a creative title?)

It's been pretty hit and miss in the crafting department lately. I have a new found obsession with running, which was taking a lot of my energy, only to end up with a knee injury 2 weeks into my Couch to 5K training. I've been nursing it, willing it to get better, but sadly it's left me in a rather depressed state.  I finally got up the motivation to get off of this couch and do something about the state of my health, only to get slapped down. I'm trying to gain a better outlook about it all though and with the help of some super awesome friends I've been getting better day by day. 

So here's what I've managed to accomplish in the few weeks since my last post. Not as much as my last post, but still something, so I guess that's good right?

Bee Blocks

Here are my 12 month bee blocks for September, for Alix. She requested a block in block pattern with the inner block offset. She sent some scrumptious Central Park fabrics, which you all know I adore. 

September Bee Blocks for Alix

Farmer's Wife Quilt Along

No progress here.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

No progress on this one either.

For the Love of Solids Swap

All done! And I'm very happy to say that my partner, Leona, loves what I sent her! At least I hope she did, there were a lot of exclamation marks in her thank you note, LOL!

Leona said one of her favorite color combinations was red, white, grey and aqua. She also said she likes rainbows, but I didn't find that out until after I started the big project. 

So I made a wall hanging out of her favorite colors combinations...

....which I wish I hadn't washed. I'm just so used to throwing quilts in the washer as soon as they're done! LOL

And since she likes rainbows, I made a rainbow pouch

I tried out handquilting for the first time! 

and a rainbow mug rug

Why didn't I hand stitch it closed? Don't you hate when you wish you had done something different AFTER you've sent it off?

Color Wheel Charm Swap

Because I love rainbows too, I signed up for the color wheel charm swap. My colors were violet and violet purple. I had to buy one yard of each and cut them each into 56 charms and then send them to Kati. She then separated them all and mailed them back out to all of the 56 participants. I got my charms last week and am IN LOVE.

How's this for a stack of rainbow goodness?

I've been dying to make a paintbox quilt, I think I'll put them towards that. 

Bree's Donation Quilt

Here's the one I forgot to get pictures of last time. Bree sent me a kit, everything included to make an entire tumbler quilt, for her Quilts for the Kids donation drive. It took me awhile but I finally got it done. Her delivery deadline is in December so I knew I could take my time. It was a quick and easy project once I got to it though, it's nice having everything pre-cut and ready to go!

I echo quilted the seams on this one, it was fast and easy and fun!

Sorry about that stray thread in that picture there, oops!

Lollipop Bento Box

It's done, finally! I first blogged about this one back in December! Man, I can't believe how long it sat in my WIP pile. 

I quilted a spiral into each of the blocks, echoing the seam lines again. There was a whole lot of twisting and turning involved, and some mighty sore shoulders, but I do like the look it gives to the finished design.

Now I can't decide what to do with it. I could hold onto it for a baby gift (It's only 48" square) or I could list it in my etsy shop. I'm leaning towards listing it and seeing if I can make a little extra cash. I like the idea of having a ready made baby quilt on hand, but at the same time I prefer to make a quilt with a baby specifically in mind.

I've also managed to make some serious progress on some pay it forwards gifts. I've been working hard on those so I can cross them off my list. The end of the year is inching closer and closer every day, I'm running out of time!

Items on Hold
I'm doing good keeping my vow to finish these WIPs before starting anything new, so look for a couple of these to move up the list soon.

Christmas Quilt from Christmas Bee
Little Faces quilt from 12 Month Christmas bee
Strawberry Lemonade snowball quilt
Strawberry Lemonade Ritzy Cracker quilt
Dill Blossoms hexagon quilt
Denim winter quilt

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Charm bracelet giveaway

The other is a giveaway to help pick a winner of our header contest and in honor of our 100th Post. Bree and I have been hard at work cooking up some goodies for the prizes. Here are a couple of sneak peeks

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Happy Wednesday!


Bree said...

I love the bento box so much!
and I lol'd at the kit. I totally forgot which one I even sent to you!

Kerstin said...

I couldn't really say which one of your projects I like best, they are all fantastic! Hope you are "up and running" again soon!

Melinda said...

Wow, you've been busy! Love the building fabrics in your donation quilt. I need to look for those for dad and hubby quilts!

Gina Loomis said...

Great progects and success on getting so much done! They are all beautiful! Friends are great and especially to take the time to help us when we're down!

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