Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Plan of Attack-Pile 1

I actually did have a purpose for sorting my scraps the other night. You know, other than "I just felt like making a mess and discombobulating myself". 

I've been dying to make this

Maple Leaf Rag from Material Obsession 2

My plan while sorting the scraps was to find all of those tiny pieces that I've been hoarding, that I couldn't bear to throw away, and the strips. 

Pile #1 

is so far being transformed into some crazy quilting pieces

They need to be large enough to cut the pattern template out of. Which I of course sent to work with my husband with instructions to cut a piece from the acrylic sheet I bought.

I so didn't need to start another project right now but I figured this one is going to be like the string quilt I made, tedious and repetitive. So I thought I'd keep that little scrap bin handy and when I had a lull in the day, or only a few minutes to sew something together, I can whip up a few of these and just tackle it a little at a time. 

And as if the table wasn't overcrowded enough, the UPS man added to it yesterday

This is for a commission job, the rest of it will be here tomorrow and I can get to work. It will be a queen size quilt, but a fairly easy one. I'm hoping to be able to knock it out pretty fast. 


Al said...

I need that book don't I?
I've never even looked through it but now I really want to make that quilt too.

Lynne said...

Oh man, that Maple Leaf pattern looks so complicated! But you have found a way to make it doable in small increments!

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