Friday, August 5, 2011

A Gorgeous Quilt - $1 Raffle!

Y'all have heard us talk about our pal at the Fabric Donkey before. She's a pretty awesome person, and the deals she posts are a pretty sweet add-on.

So she's got this heart that's huge. Like, 2 sizes two big, ala reformed-Grinch. Made of gold.

She has a friend, Troy. You can read his story here. I'm not good with technical jargon or medical stuff, but the long story short is that he has himself a new liver and a hard time. She's trying to help him out with medical costs by raffling off a gorgeous quilt!

Seriously, drool-worthy, right? I'm totally buying a few raffle spots - I have a pregnant coworker who could use a quilt for the newbie!

So head on over to visit the Fabric Donkey and support a good cause.  One entry is $1.


Krista Schneider said...

that's so sweet of her! I'm clicking over to buy a few too :D

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